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I am working on a Trailhead badge that requires work in my assigned developer account. In the current case, I'm downloading an app package from the app exchange into my assigned developer account (i'm an SFDC employee and also have an Org62 account)  When I try and install the app exchange package to my account, it wants to install in Org62.  So, I log out of Org62 and try and login directly to my assigned Developer account, but I don't know the password.  When I try and reset the password, it asks for my place of birth.  When I enter my place of birth, it says that my entry is incorrect.  I tried to log a ticket with tech force and app support but neither of them would/could help.  I need to not just reset, the password for my developer org, I need to know what the password IS, s that I can login. Or, alternatively, I need to know how to point to the developer org without logging in so that my lab work isn't sent to org 62.  
I am currently taking the course Admin Trail Begginer: Getting Started With the Platform, when I proceed to sign up for a DE account I get the following message: "Sorry, we can't enroll you in a Salesforce Developer Edition account because the email address you entered is already in use. To sign up with a different email address, go to https://developer.salesforce.com/form/signup/freetrial.jsp ."

Does this mean I already have a Development Edition Account? If so where would I access it? 
Or should/can I sign up with any email adress fir a DE?