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I have a client who wants to push MYSQL data (using csv files) to Salesforce but MySQL does NOT have an API connection. Looking for an ETL solution to help transform data before moving into SFDC. Also want the ability to schedule/automate.  Any succcess stories? 
Hi Team,

We need to intergrate couple of objects from oracle to salesforce on a daily basis. To acheive this , we need to integrate salesforce and oracle - then read data from two tables in oracle. Does anyone have experience in this ?

Has anyone successfully connected to an Oracle database via External Data Sources?  We have all of the connection parameters (server, port, SID, Server Name, user name, password), and have successfully connected our Oracle database to other platforms.  But so far, all attempts to create an External Data Source in Salesforce have been spectacularly unsuccessful.  Is there a server-side service that needs to be running to make this work?  Also, can anyone provide me an example of the External Data Source URL for connecting to Oracle?  Or even better, a full screenshot of the external data source entries on a working Oracle connection.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We wish to know about some tool that facilitates automatic data import/export between SFDC database and SQL database on a button click. Please let us know of any such tool available.
Can we use rest API from tableau to request a CSV file(exported data from report ) fro m salesforce.
Generally using salesforce reports we click the export deatils button to download the csv file. But our company needs to automate the process and send the CSV file from report over to tableau external platform .
Can we leverage Analytics rest api on this one. 

Thanks in advance for the help.
I've been researching this for awhile and having trouble figuring out where to start. I think I want to use a REST API and understand that I will need to expose my data, but I'm not sure how to make SaleForce automatically check this. Any pointers welcome.
This is one of few situations I came across : How would you import csv files into Salesforce from an external source that are kept on a FTP server?
HI All,

I have a Requirment Integration salesforce with Microsoft Azure Any Ideas appreciated.


I am wondering is it possible to push  information straight from salesforce to an external system. For example pull information from Salesforce using DBamp at the moment which is then sent to out payroll system. I am looking for alternatives to DBamp and what are other companies using to do this?

How can i schedule dataloader and what are the main drawbacks of dataloader.............?

the data that we entered  in salesforce  is  stores  in  salesforce database...then how  we use oracle or  other databases to  saves data. or  we stores data in to  salesforce database  so  what is that database.?



I've been trying to set up a data sync job between Salesforce and a MySQL database hosted on Amazon's RDS using Talend, but I've been running into some issues.


I just want to check - is this supported/approved? Or is there a silient block in place to make this impossible? 





  • September 27, 2012
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HI All


How can i transfer the data from PosTgre SQL to MySQL by using the java. Can u Pls help me



Thanks &Regards






I have one .csv file on Server, which has few fields. I simply want to insert that .csv file data to SFDc twice in a week.


Please let me know how can i achieve this functionality. And that is ofcourse should be very practical.




  • September 21, 2010
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I'm trying to use the Data Loader to extract data from SalesForce and insert it into a MySql table.  The DataLoader.jar has the drivers for oracle, so what's the best way of getting it to load in the mysql drivers?  I can manually force the drivers into the jar file, but that doesn't seem to be the best idea.  I can modify the process.bat to include the drivers in the classpath.  Is there a best practice for this? 



  • March 19, 2010
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