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Hi everyone! Does anyone know or familiar with how to create a relationship and functionality that would allow a contact to be related to a contact group directly from the contact record by means of a single field? I would also like to be able to add a single contact to multiple contact groups directly from a field. I've seen this work in other orgs and I am not familiar with how that could be built out.

Alternatively, would I be able to populate a field directly on the contact record with the contact group name once the contact has been added to the said group? 

The purpose for this is to be able to leverage salesforce engage with our already establised contact groups. 

Any advise would be great, thanks! 
Hi all, I am in the process of implementing a protfilio opportuntiy record type. The parent opportunity record will display some of the attributes of the child opportuntiy records, specifially the property square footage.  How would I go about summing the propety square footage from the child opportunity records to the parent portfolio record? Thanks!
Hi, I am trying to create something that will bring the conact company to the activity record of an opportuntiy instead of the company name listed on the opportunity. I realize a formula field will not work so I imagine this is a process builder function or something of the like. I am still new to process builder so any thoughts are welcomed. Thanks!
Hi all, I am trying to customize sales processes based on different profiles. I see where I can create additional sales processes but I would like to be able to set different values in the available values selection box. How would I go about doing this?