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I have two fields (example: fieldOne__c and fieldTwo__c). If both fields are filled out, I want an error to pop up. How may I do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi All,
         my requirement is to get All the field from a selected object. i have a drop down list of All the object now i want that when i select A object than its field will also show in dropdown list According to the selected object dynamically.User-added imagei have All Account list now i want Field list dynamically According to selected object.
can Anyone help me out?
In Lightning Experience UI, what controls what goes into the Items section in the App Launcher? I added a new Custom Object but it does not appear there. Does the Custom Object have to have a tab to show up?


I have two fields (example: fieldOne__c and fieldTwo__c). If both fields are filled out, I want an error to pop up. How may I do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i think u understood what iam asking here.
simlple ,in vf page contains two picklists and one custom button.both picklist values are same i.e all accounts.suppose i select one account at picklist1 and select another account at picklist2.and click custombutton,action do like this copy the all contacts related account who's select at picklist1 and paste duplicate contacts at who's select in picklist2.
u can  picklist names like 'contacts from account' and 'to account' .
thank you 
<apex:component controller="GenericHistoryComponentController">
 <apex:attribute name="myObject" description="Object we wish to view the history of" type="SObject" required="true" assignTo="{!myObject}" />
<apex:attribute name="recordLimit" description="Number of lines of history to display" type="Integer" required="false" assignTo="{!recordLimit}" />

 <apex:pageBlock title="{!objectLabel} History">
<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!ObjectHistory}" var="History" >
<apex:column headerValue="Date" value="{!History.thedate}"/>
<apex:column headerValue="User">
<apex:outputLink value="/{!History.userId}"> {!History.who} </apex:outputLink>
<apex:column headerValue="Action"><apex:outputText escape="false" value="{!History.action}"/></apex:column>
its showing me this error:-<apex:page> is required and must be the outermost tag in the markup at line 1 column 1
how to solve this?
Hello All,
whenever I click command button it works properly however it refreshed immediately which I want to prevent.
<apex:page id="pgId" controller="calculateBMICon">
    <script language="JavaScript">
        function calculateBmi() {
             var weight =   document.getElementById('pgId:bmiForm:pb:pbs:we').value;
            var height =document.getElementById('pgId:bmiForm:pb:pbs:he').value;

            if(weight > 0 && height > 0){   
                var finalBmi = weight/(height/100*height/100)
                document.getElementById('pgId:bmiForm:pb:pbs1:bm').innerHTML =   finalBmi;
                if(finalBmi < 18.5){
                    document.getElementById('pgId:bmiForm:pb:pbs1:bw').innerHTML = "UNDER-WEIGHT"
                if(finalBmi > 18.5 && finalBmi < 25){
                    document.getElementById('pgId:bmiForm:pb:pbs1:bw').innerHTML = "NORMAL-WEIGHT"
                if(finalBmi > 25){
                    document.getElementById('pgId:bmiForm:pb:pbs1:bw').innerHTML = "OVER-WEIGHT"
                alert("Please Fill everything correctly")

    <apex:form id="bmiForm">
        <apex:pageblock mode="mainDetail" id="pb">
            <apex:pageBlockSection columns="1" id="pbs">
                <apex:inputText label="{!$objectType.Volunteer__c.fields.Name.label}" />
                <apex:inputText label="{!$objectType.Volunteer__c.fields.Height_in_CMs__c.label}" id="he"/>
                <apex:inputText label="{!$objectType.Volunteer__c.fields.Weight_in_KGs__c.label}" id="we"/>
            <apex:pageblockSection id="pbs1">
                <apex:outputLabel id="bm" value=""/>
                 <apex:outputLabel id="bw" value=""/>
            <apex:pageBlockButtons >
                <apex:commandButton value="Calculate BMI" onclick="calculateBmi()"/>


  • August 13, 2018
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I have a table of contacts along with checkboxes and have also Delete button on vf page.

When I click on delete button then pop should be open with message "You have to select checkbox"..


 Do we have a option to freeze user automatically. I was able to disable user using a workflow rule. Please suggest me how to freeze user automatically. 

  • August 07, 2018
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Is there way to format Time data type in inputfield,  so when I choose time it gives me hourd and minutes but I want only minutes.
What is not Possible with the chain set while doing migration?
show the number of attachments in account custom field
Hello All

   Do anyone know is there a way to mass upload photo of user to user object in salesforce. I know we can do using DataLoader with batch size 1. Is there any other way.
I'm new to this forum but need some help. I created a flow in Process Builder and when I try to test it, I get 'Too Many DML Rows 10001' error message. The process is on the Opportunity obejct and it is triggered when the owner of an opportunity changes. Then there are 4 actions associated. I'm literally updaing the Opp, and the related Contact owner, Sending an email, updating the Opp stage and creating a task.
Everything I've read on this forum for that error is related to triggers so I'm not sure what is going wrong.
Any ideas? It would be greatly appreciated.
I have a Formula field "Renewal Date" whose return type is Date.

I am trying to create one more formula field say "Days Remaining For Renewal" which is nothing but (Renewal Date - Today)

But I'm getting null/blank values in field Days Remaining For Renewal.

Am I doing something wrong? Can you please help me with this?
Hey everyone,
So i have a question, a child object has its mandatory field as an autonumber and in the related tab of the parent object, the list of children records is displayed by that number. Is there a way to list those related children records in the parent using any child object field i like??
Any help!! 
I am having an issue with my lookup filter criteria.  Records with the field 'Duplicate Assigned'  are True should not show in the lookup.
But in the example below it still shows.  
User-added image

The filter rule is here:
User-added image

Any thoughts why the filter is not working?  I am also open to alternative option.