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I am following the guide here (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.omni_channel_dev.meta/omni_channel_dev/omnichannel_external_routing.htm) to set up external routing. The emp (https://github.com/forcedotcom/EMP-Connector) connector appears to succeed in listening to the push topic created by producing the output "Subscribed: Subscription [/topic/PSRPushTopic:-1]". However, nothing more shown up after I do the following:

1. create a case
2. change its owner to a queue
3. turn my status to be online and accept the case

I expect something saying a event is received would be shown in the log. Any idea? Many thanks in advance.
My company aims at providing external routing for our customers. There is a guide (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.omni_channel_dev.meta/omni_channel_dev/omnichannel_external_routing.htm) describing how this can be done. It involves running a connector written in Java connecting to the Streaming API before creating AgentWork. Is there a way to do this without involving the Streaming API? For some reason, running the Java connector is not desirable. I try creating an AgentWork record like a Contact record in a visualforce page without success. The error message I get is something like:
''' The agent's status is not associated with the channel for this work '''
All the fields except CapacityPercentage is left empty.
the developer edition with dev-hub on is provided by my company which has signed on with Salesforce for its partner program. I need the voicecall object to complete the setup in this tutorial (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.voice_pt_developer_guide.meta/voice_pt_developer_guide/voice_pt_deploy_package.htm) The sample code (https://github.com/salesforce/scv-partner-telephony-quickstart/tree/main/force-app/main/default) provided fails when creating a package version with complains about voicecall being a custom object but named wrongly.
Help on service cloud voice does mention that service cloud voice needs an enterprise or unlimited licence but this guide (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.voice_pt_developer_guide.meta/voice_pt_developer_guide/voice_pt_dev_guide.htm) for the partner does not say anything about requiring service cloud voice to be turned on or an enterprise/unlimited edition. I am not sure whether the missing voicecall object is due to service cloud voice not being turned or a license issue. If anyone can think of another possible reason for this. Please let me know. Thanks a lot.
I am getting the following error:
sampleVendor: Not available for deploy for this organization
VoiceCall: Invalid fullName, must end in a custom suffix ( for ex. __c )
Service_Cloud_Voice: In field: pageOrSobjectType - no CustomObject named VoiceCall found
and another error saying that the voicecall object is invalid (the msg is originally in another language)
when following this step:
Create a Package Version
sfdx force📦version:create --package "" --codecoverage --installationkeybypass --wait 20
in this guide (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.voice_pt_developer_guide.meta/voice_pt_developer_guide/voice_pt_deploy_package.htm).
Can you tell me what is wrong? I think I follow every previous step in the guide.
I am trying to use a PendingServiceRouting After Insert Trigger to manually create an AgentWork object to assign cases through Omni-Channel but it appears the trigger is not firing. I am able to create cases via Email-to-Case and query the PendingServiceRouting object, so I know it is being created. I am also able to call my code from Anonymous Apex, passing in the PendingServiceRouting object I created and it executes as expected.

Can anyone confirm that After Insert triggers can be used with PendingServiceRouting objects and/or offer some advice on how to proceed?
trigger OnPendingServiceRoutingTrigger on PendingServiceRouting (after insert) {

    if (trigger.isAfter && trigger.isInsert) {
        System.debug('After Insert PendingServiceRouting Trigger');
public class PendingServiceRoutingTriggerHandler {

    public static void afterInsert (Map<Id, PendingServiceRouting> NewPsr) {