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    Hi All! I have two formulas. The first one I created to keep a running ticker of the number of days, hours, & minutes a case has been open. It looks like this:

Text(FLOOR(NOW() - CreatedDate)) &" "&"day(s)"&" "&Text(FLOOR(MOD( (NOW() - CreatedDate) * 24 ,24))) &" "&"hrs"&" "&Text( FLOOR(MOD(((NOW() - CreatedDate) * 24)*60 ,60)))&" "&"min")
The second formula I got off the boards and it keeps track in business hrs the number of hrs a case has been open:

IF(AND(MOD(TODAY()-DATE(1900,1,7),7)< (NOW() - CreatedDate ), ((NOW() - CreatedDate )<7)),((NOW() - CreatedDate)-2) * 24, ((NOW() - CreatedDate)-(2 * ((NOW() - CreatedDate)/7))) * 24)

Both of these formulas work great, however, I would like to have the business hrs formula in the same format as the first formula. So it would be business hrs in days, hrs, and minutes. Does anyone have any ideas?? I keep playing with it but it is always off.  
I'm new to writing S-Controls so I really don't know where to begin. I need to override the new button on a custom object so two fields (Case Owner & Phone) pre-populate when the user hits "New". Basically, I want to keep the standard New Action but added in my own code. I don't want to have to user click more than once. This is all I could come with up and it does not work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Code:
<script language="JavaScript"> 
window.parent.location.href="{!URLFOR($Action.Banking_Svs_Research_Req__c.New, null,null,true)}"; 
function redirect() { 
parent.frames.location.replace("/{! Banking_Svs_Research_Req__c.Id }/e—retURL=%2F{!Banking_Svs_Research_Req__c.Id}&00NT0000000iTK0={!Case.OwnerFullName}&00NT0000000iTuS={!Case.SuppliedPhone}&save=x") 


Please assist:  I have created a Custom Object called Complaints.  It has a Master/Look Up Relationship to Account.  I have also added a basic Look Up Relationship to Contact, so the Complaints will show for the Account, as well as on a Contact, and Complaints can be recorded on either level. 


Here is my issue: When a Compliant is entered from an Account it works as expected and populates the Account field (Master/Look Up ID) as it should.  When a Complaint is entered from a Contact, obviously the Master/Look Up, Account is not populated. 


What I would like to be able to do is the following: Create a formula to look up the Account ID from the Contact record that the Complaint is being entered on and return that value (Account ID) to the Complaint record as the Account (Master/Look Up) value.  This would take care of linking the Complaint correctly across both Account and Contact objects.


I would greately appreciate help as I haven't been able to loacate how to do this.

I have created a workflow rule to trigger a field update that works as intended, I assume, but isn't working for our users. The rule applies to all opportunities created on a certain account, changing the opportunity:type field to a particular value.

The problem is this doesn't actually show up for the user until they've saved the opportunity, so they either select something else and get confused when that selection changes (which is fine from a data management standpoint, but not to the user!), or don't realize the rule is there and select the necessary choice anyhow (then complain about having to remember to make that selection for that account, not knowing they really don't).

So, is there any way to trigger the field to update as a user selects "new opportunity" from within that particular account that I'm missing?
Is there a way to default the 'Send Notification Email' checkbox to unchecked when using the Log a Call button?
  • April 27, 2009
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I am a VERY new salesforce user, and unfortunately am likely trying to tackle too much, but basically, I have a custom field that I want to add a validation rule for.  I have a 9 digit alphanumeric field that has a very specific set of validations I need performed.  I would GREATLY appreciate the help.


The number is 2 letters, 6 numbers, and 1 checksum digits. The 2nd letter is the initial of the contacts last name and the 7th is calculated as: add 1st, 3rd, and 5th digits, then add 2nd, 4th, and 6th digits and multiply by 2.  Add those 2 numbers together. The last digit of this last sum shold be the 7th digit.


I know this is likely crazy, but I would like to verify the following:

1. The field is exactly 9 digits, and the first two are letters, and the last 7 are numbers.

2. The 2nd letter matches the first letter of the contacts last name

3. the 7th digit is equal to last digit (ie. RIGHT(x,1) of ( (1st+3rd+5th) + ((2nd+4th+6th)*2) ). 



Hi, I'm having some trouble with a date validation rule - what I want to have happen is, if a user selects "Declined" on the Negotiation Status field, I want them to enter the "Declined Date", which is a date field.  Below is my formula and I'm getting an error notice, also below.  It looks like that because the Declined Date is a date field, but the system wants text??  I'd appreciate any suggestions....Thanks.

Error: Incorrect parameter for function =(). Expected Date, received Text

ISPICKVAL(Negotiation_Status__c , "Declined" ), Declined_Date__c
 = ""

We populate a few fields within a custom object, but want to be able to add this information to a case. Therefore we have created fields in Case by using a lookup relationship.

This fills in the one field which is great, however, we want to pull over 3 or 4 other fields that correspond to the custom object field.

Also, as a separate problem, if trying to lookup a number (field) from the custom object and it doesnt exist, i would like to be able to create a new one if it doesnt already exist, but there is no 'New' button available when doing the lookup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Tony Seaward

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I created two fields under the account level - a marketing stage (prospect, targeted, inactive), and a marketing stage last modified date.

I now want to create a rule that will trigure if:
The marketing stage is "targeted" and has not been changed in 90 days. I assume it will be something to do with: if stage =  targeted, and today()-date last modified > 90. But I don't know what the formula would be.

Also, won't the numbers get thrown off when today is february 1st and my last modified date was sometime last year?

Thanks so much..

  • August 24, 2007
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I thought this should be simple, but it didnt work out the way I had it in mind. I have a checkbox named ALL. I want to write something in a textbox if the checkbox is checked.

All I did was

IF ( All__c, Link_selected__C = " some text here", null).

But when I create a new object, nothing is entered into the text field Link Selected. And there is nothing in the field when I save the record.

Would appreciate any help.


  • August 23, 2007
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Hello -
My company has 11 opportunity record types based on the 11 product services we sell. Each product has a fixed product ID. I would like to create a field that automatically populates with the product ID based on opportunity record type for that record. Is a formula field the best option for setting this up and what would the formula look like.
Product and ID examples
ISDN = 001
VPN = 002
Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • August 22, 2007
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Is it possible to create a forumula field that will show the role the opportunity owner is in at the time of creating the opportunity?
What happens at our organisation is the sales reps move around quite a bit and will often move teams. We want to report on revenue for a particular team when the opp owner is still a member of the team.
What happens now is the historical fact they were in another team is lost. We have 400 users so it does take a bit to manage.
thanks, Jane
Our cases can be in different status: New, In Progress, Waiting on Customer, Waiting on Engineering, Closed.
Sometimes cases hang for a long period at "Waiting for Engineering". I would like to calculate the time that it takes us to close a case, excluding the time that the case is in status "Waiting on Engineering".
This way we can see better how our Technical Support department performs.
Is it possible with a formula?
  • August 16, 2007
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I thought it would be a simple formula.  But when i go to create a field.  I select formula and then you are required to select what time of field the formula field with by ex.  currency, date, etc.  I want the field to be a Checkbox field.  If someone selects won from the drop down list of stage and i want my custom checkbox formula field called Won to automatically get checked.
how can i do that?
  • August 16, 2007
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Hi all --
I have created a workflow rule that I want to trigger an email alert to the Support Manager when a case has a status of anything but closed after a certain period of time.  I have setup a formula with the following criteria:
AND(CreatedDate >  CreatedDate + 2, NOT( IsClosed))
This formula is supposed to (might not be right) review if the case is closed and the create date is more than 2 days.
The eval criteria is set to "When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria"
The alert is set to email the Support Manager using an email template when the criteria is met.
This is not currently working and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for me to get this working.
I'm sure that subject line was confusing. Here's what I'm trying to do.

Field #1 name is 'USER' 
Value of field #1 is '100-Bob Jones'

I want to create a second field that just has the first 3 numbers of "100-Bob Jones'

I tried using a case statement to do this but the limit is 1300 characters.

Is there any way to set a value to the first 3 characters of a field?

ex:  left(3,USER)

First three characters of the user Field.


I am trying to create a 'Work Day' formula for my company so they can calculate how many leads were contacted up until today, but excluding non-working days.
Basically, I need to write a formula that calculates the number of days in a month (up to Today), but does not include Saturday or Sunday.  For instance, today is August 13...  but instead of 13 days this month, it would need to calculate 9 days (subtracting out Aug4&5 and Aug 11&12).
Is this possible?  I'm willing to create multiple fields, but I cannot even being to figure out how to do this.
Thanks for any help provided.
  • August 13, 2007
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