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Please e-mail detailed resume to vishnuboopathy@gmail.com

Hi All,



In our requirement we are emailing attachments using apex.  


I found that email attachment size is limited to 3mb, from the following link,


. Kindly confirm this.



Are anyone of you able to send attachment more than 3 mb size? If so please post your suggestions.


Thanks in advance






Hi Developers community,
I am new to SF and Apex programing..My requirement is to upload pdf files automatically form the system(PC) to Salesforce Opportunities files.I am wondering if this is possible..plz give your valuable ideas and suggestions.Thanks in advance.




I have a data integration question.


In Informatica on demand data loader, can I  define multiple sources of different kinds, ie. Salesforce and MS SQL Server as a "source" and then move the joined data from them to the "target" say salesforce?


What I would like to do is, to update with "upsert" a table in salesforce on regular basis. But for the initial load I need to get the external_id inserted in the "target" from the salesforce 

account id in the "source". So I can define the relationship. Salesforce defines relationships between objects as a "lookup". 


Many thanks for all your help.




Hi All,
I am trying to create accounts through Data Loader. The accounts are getting created but the account owner field is getting updated to the user id used for the operation. I am not sure why this error is encountered. I was able to load succesfully without any issues 2 days back. yesterday we did a sandbox refresh. The owner id in production and  sandbox for the users are same.
Can some one help us why this issue is encountered.
Hi All,
I am creating a form through s-control. In this we need to upload pdf file from the client machine.
Please provide any sample code for uploading file through s-control
Thanks in Advance
  • February 25, 2008
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