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I'd like to add a drop-down list to let the user select their time for events (15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 1:30 minutes etc.) instead of manually adding a start time and an end time each time.


Any ideas on how to do this?

We have email templates set up for each of our support reps that send the contact a survey about their experience when a case is closed. To analyze the results we have one email/survey for each individual user.


How can I create code that sends the correct email template based on the Case Owner?


I know how to write code to send an e-mail automatically at the click of a button but I do not know how to write an if/then type of statement that would send the correct template based on user.


I know I can use workflow rule to do this but would prefer not to as we have a lot of support reps and I don't want to have dozens of workflow rules that slow down our Salesforce.

I need to add a "Client ID" field that will generate a number whenever another field called "Type" is changed to "Client". The "Client ID" number needs to generate a number in sequential order and be one more than the last "Client ID" assigned.
Please help me!

I'd like to add a drop-down list to let the user select their time for events (15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 1:30 minutes etc.) instead of manually adding a start time and an end time each time.


Any ideas on how to do this?

To state the obvious first, I am not a developer. So any help is greatly appreciated. I need to turn an s-control into a visual force page:



<script language="JavaScript">
function redirect() {



I can copy and paste the s-control into the visualforce tab and it works, but I don't think that is the right way to go about this. Secondly, I would like the Activity tab that I have created to be highlighted when the user is on the activity page, it currently highlights the Home tab.


Thanks again to anyone that can help.



I have 2 types of product - those which are Fixed price and those that are Variable. I added a checkbox to Product to indicate this.

I create an Opportunity and select a few products.

The Amount is an automatic rollup and is the total. In my case this is like an Annual Contract Value.

However, if the term of the deal is 6 months, then I need to halve the Amount to get the Final Price.

Except, I don't want to halve the Fixed price products, just the Variable ones.

I can create a field on Opportunity Product which is a cross-object formula so I can read the checkbox I created on the Product object.

However, in trying to use a roll-up summary to now calculate the Final Price, and using the term, but excluding those Products that are Fixed, it won't let me use my cross object formula in the filter condition.

Any suggestions as to how to do this. I have included "what I am trying to achieve" in case someone has a better idea!


With the opportunities object you can add products from your pricebooks to the opportunity and as such affect pricing etc. I like the way this works however not all our sales relate in opportunities, there are cases when an account requests a replacement part, this is an auto sale however we do want to track the part underneath the account, for future reference.


So I started a custom object called Orders where our sales team can start a new order and like with opportunities can list the products from the price book. So basically a custom object with products as a related list. The drama I am having is that when you setup products as a related list in my new object it only allows you to add new products to your price book, not add existing products in list form like what hapens under opportunities.


The buttons that you see in the products related list are not available outside of the opportunities object. Anyone else experience this?


The idea or what I am trying to acheive is so that sales can setup a new order, put in all the products they need ordered for the particular account and hit save, from there an email or notice gets sent to the purchasing person. But ultimately the product will be listed under the account for future reference.



I have this javascript that automatically re-directs a user to the log a call page when an event happens:


window.parent.location.href = "/00T/e?title=Call&who_id={!Contact.Id}&followup=1&tsk5=Call&retURL=%2F{!Contact.Id}";


The 'retURL' portion of the url is set to return the user to the contact they were looking at's page.


Unfortunately this is not happening, instead when the call has been logged and the user clicks 'save' (which appears to be redirecting the user to '/00T/e') the user has to log in again.


This has to be done with javascript as other things are going on before the user is re-directed. Any ideas how I can get it to return to the contact page?





I need help. I'm trying to change the value of a field by using a custom button. I would like to be able to do it using Javascript.


Using this code works: alert   (     {!Box__c.Box_Count__c } +1) ; which displays the current count of my variable.


But when i try something like this, it doesnt work... {!Box__c.Box_Count__c } = ( {!Box__c.Box_Count__c } +1);


I'm trying to add 1 to whatever the value of my count is.


Any help would be appreciated!


My email in case is mromani@robotshop.com



Message Edited by Bulent on 11-25-2009 02:17 PM

I am trying to create the following structure, but I want the Actual and Estimated time to be rolled up to the top level object e.g.


Projects -> Milestones -> Tasks -> Times 


Task holds the Estimated Time field and Time has the Actual time entries, rollup is simple enough there, however it appears you cannot roll up the Est + Act time to the Milestone or to the Project


Essentially I want to be able to look at a project (high level view) see what the total estimate was and what the actual is so see how far we are off completion. 


Am I missing something here?  



I am implementing the customer portal for a support organization, and have a custom object (let's call it "Donkeys" ) for which I want to allow my portal users access to create attachments (let's say, pictures of donkeys).


Donkey is a detail of Account, which is Read-only for portal users, but my portal users have full CRED access to Donkeys (I am still in testing phase, and haven't locked everything down yet).


When I log in as a portal user and click Add Attachment from a Donkey detail page, I get the "Insufficient Privileges" error. 


I found this sentence in the customer portal implementation guide:

"Portal users can view, search, and create notes and attachments on custom objects." 


But I can't find where I grant them this permission.  Can anyone help?




Message Edited by brianwenzl on 03-18-2009 03:53 PM
I have a custom object that lists all our products and their names (over 12,000 entries and growing daily).  I also have a custom object that I would like to have the product name field auto populated once the product code has been entered.  I was told I need to create an s-control and I have no experience in s-controls nor do I have any IT support to help me.  What I am trying to accomplish is similar to excel's VLOOKUP function that when a product code is entered, it will be looked up in my product codes list custom object and return the product name associated with the product code.  Please help!!!
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