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Hi all.


I need help.


After than I uploaded manage package, customer want to change some data(field type - from number to pick list, text to text area  etc.)

What to do.Please help me.



Hi masters.


I ask tell me one thing.I'm working in then developer edition (Partner edition). I wrote on then Governor Limits



Limit                            Trigger       Anonymous Block, Visualforce Controller, or WSDL Method       Test

Total number of SOQL

queries issued               20                              1.00E+10                                                               100


Total number of DML

statements issued

(insert, update, upsert,

merge, delete, or database.

emptyRecycleBin)         20                              1.00E+10                                                               100


Why I receive message:Too many SOQL queries: 101

from VF page(apex controller). What I don't understand.


With best regards to all SF masters


Viller Josef

  • March 17, 2010
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Hi All.


I need help from masters.

I created managed package with Apex classes VF pages .... Now I need to upload my package into Apexchange

but I can't because of what is required from 75 - 100% tests for Apex code.How to create test methods for Apex classes like this:


Public class AppProcList
    public PageReference ShowFullR() {
       PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/grape/grape.apexp?Id=04aA0000000TNJl');
    return pageRef;}
    public PageReference ShowShortR() {
       PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/grape/grape.apexp?Id=04a800000000Bvt');
    return pageRef;}

    public PageReference ShowFullP() {
       PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/grape/grape.apexp?Id=04aA0000000TNMg');
    return pageRef;}
    public PageReference ShowFullI() {
       PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/grape/grape.apexp?Id=04a800000000C6g');
    return pageRef;}
      public PageReference ShowFullRi() {
       PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/grape/grape.apexp?Id=04a800000000C6l');
    return pageRef;}
     public PageReference ShowFullRbv() {
       PageReference pageRef = new PageReference('/grape/grape.apexp?Id=04aA0000000TNMl');
    return pageRef;}
Help please.This is very important and urgent. Thanx.
  • February 16, 2010
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