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We are looking for an Advanced Developer who, from time to time, will be able to "clean up" and/or improve some of the Apex classes and Triggers we have. The code we are developing works, but it might be at 30-60% efficiency. Because much of this is part of a Managed Package, we want to ensure code is efficient and can be packaged properly. A large reason we are not covering other aspects and making more efficient is time.


We have been submitting individual projects to Freelancer and similar sites, and will continue to do that if don't find right person and right price. As an example of the type of cleanup Im' referring to:


1. Have Trigger that calls class. Gathers appropriate records, puts them in a Map and updates accordingly. But the class doesn't check to ensure that Map <> null and/or the query that puts records into Map could be optimized by only querying records with last update date of today. That kind of thing.


Also for items like above, we'd need to do same for Test Class, include negative scenarios, etc. Just looking for an individual...no firms.


So we'd periodically throw you a couple classes that work and, if needed a Sandbox, and ask you to take a look and give us an estimated cost to improve. Since these work, usually no immediate rush. You may decide it's good as is, or give us a quick price. Price will be fixed, not based on time. So if it takes you 5 min...good for you, that's why you are Advanced and you should be paid for that. But if price is bit too high, we may decide to leave as is or throw onto Freelancer if important enough.


Individual only...no firms.



We are a small business who utilizes Salesforce extensively to track all customer, lead, and prospect data.

We've done some customization and we need to improve our workflow, reports, and dashboards to support better business success.   We also need to begin using our data to better market.  As part of the effort to improve our marketing I'd implement an autoresponder system, whether that is native to Salesforce or integrated with a third party. 

We are looking for strategic planning recommendations as well as implementation. 

I'm not exactly sure how long it will take to implement our needs. We may do this in stages, depending on recommendations.

We have the Enterprise version of Salesforce.


Although, this project is short term to move us forward, I'd like to build a relationship with a log-term "go-to" person. 





I need to send an outbound message to a 3rd party system. I am looking for someone who is U.S. based, english speaking (fluent and clear) that has experience configuring outbound messaging using workflow. 


I have the WSDL, xml schemas already. 


I would prefer to walk through the solution and document the requirements together as opposed to documenting them assuming things i dont know about outbound messaging.


If you are interested in this small project, please contact me here.







Presently using Salesforce but need the help of a developer to analyze what we have and develop new tools and applications.  Look for a contract person at this time.  If you know of anyone, please contact me at 503.433.1961

We are a small Seattle based company and are transitioning over to Salesforce. We are looking for a consultant to be available for contact by phone and e-mail/IM to answer our how-to questions, as we create custom fields and dashboards to import our legacy CRM notes and Quickbooks data. We would like to develop a relationship with a single consultant or small tight-knit team to be able to ask questions or send custom work as the need arises. We would prefer someone in PST, so our hours coincide. Would consider others as well , as long as deadlines can be met.