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Hello all,

Has anyone written code to calculate Internal Rate of Return using Apex?




I know there are pre-built solutions out there for archiving chatter posts and comments for compliance reasons, but for cost reasons, my team needs to create our own.


I am thinking we could just write some triggers to email every post/comment to an internal email address, and use our existing email archiving/compliance solution (Smarsh, etc.) to track the content.


Any issues with that? Any better suggestions?






I have overridden my contact layout with a vf page.

I have implemented the related lists as tabs under the main detail area.

In each tab, I have one related list: Open Activities, Activity History, etc...


I don't see how I should add the "New Meeting Request" button that launches the cloud scheduler, to my Open Activities related list.


I have edited all the standard page layouts to add the button...

And I have looked at the VF code for that list, and this is all I see:



        <apex:tab label="Open Activities" name="name2" id="tabTwo">
            <apex:relatedList list="OpenActivities"/>



But there is nothing in the VF docs about the New Meeting Request button...


Anyone know how to add this button to a VF page?





I have created some apex on a sites page that will receive an XML message from an 3rd party service, parse it, and save a new object. It works fine over HTTP Post, but gives me an "Authorization Required" message when I post to it via HTTPS.

This is in Developer Edition (which means the secure site URL is the same as the non-secure one)


Is the issue my XML sender?:

My HTTP posting simulator that I use/created to send XML messages does not make use of the SSL certificate when it posts, so I can't test that. Perhaps it is not receiving the SSL certificate, and so it is refusing access...

Can anyone suggest a tool that would help me test HTTPS posts with a certificate? 


Alternatively, how do I post an HTTP message over secure XML? I see that I can build an HTTP request, and populate a parameter with the PKCS12 "key store and password". Where do I get that?


Other ideas? Do I have to open up the "salesforce firewall" to receive these 3rd party posts?





What I learned in this process, is that to debug Sites pages, you should debug them by calling them from within salesforce, authenticated. You will get better error messages.

The SSL didn't seem to be the issue in the end.

Also, salesforce can't receive and parse XML messages at this point, only CGI postings, which it does well.


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Hello braintrust,


I have a requirement to create a set of dependant picklists, but I want the controlling field to have multiselect piclist behavior...

Also, my 2nd picklist may have more than 250 values.


So I assume I have to somehow create this programmatically.


Can visualforce and apex do this?

Or do I have to resort to AJAX?





I've created a VF page to replace the standard case detail page that uses tabs to show related records from related objects (Assets, Service__c).  I would like to show the case team on it's own tab but I can't seem to get the relationship name.  Everything I try returns the dreaded "'XXXXXX' is not a valid child relationship name for entity Case".


My code is pretty simple:


		<apex:tab label="Team" name="TeamList" id="tabTeamList">
			<apex:relatedList subject="{!thisCase}" list="TeamMembers" />

 I used Eclipse schema browser to get to relationship name "TeamMembers", I also tried the child relationship "TeamTemplateRecords" but get the same error. 


I did search the forums and about the only suggestion was to ensure the related list is present on the standard detail page which I've done.


Does anyone know what relationship name to use?

  • August 04, 2011
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I could really use some help on clarification as i've been getting mixed answers.


According to the documentation Understanding Governing Limits an app by ISV partners run in their own limits. But now i'm being told in order to achieve this your AppExchange app must be an Aloha app. Can a non Aloha app still achieve the status where the app gets its own set of governing limits to run in?


If an app with its own governor limits gets does any native code ever count towards the limits of the package? Example if the package code updates a contact, and there is a native contact trigger in the org that fires does the native trigger code execute under the governor limits on the appexchange package or the limits of the native org?



  • August 02, 2010
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I am using Apex Data Loader 18 to import records into a custom object I created.  My SDL field mapping file has a line that looks like this:





My CSV import is structured correctly, the External_Key__c field exists in the Account object, and it is appropriately marked as an external identifier.


I know this general import method can work, as I have successfully imported our company contacts from an external system and linked them to their related accounts with the same "Account\:External_Key__c" value.


My problem is that running the import for my custom object fails with the following message:

"Invalid property name 'Account:External_Key__c'"


When I look at my Enterprise WSDL, the Account object has External_Key__c listed.


Again, I am confused that this would work for importing Contacts but not for importing custom objects.


I was able to temporarily work around this issue by using Import Custom Objects under Data Management in our SFDC org.


I'd like to know what's going on and how to fix it so that I can setup automated nightly imports using the Data Loader.  Any help would be appreciated.

Hi everyone,


Does anyone have any experience/example code with setting a sites page to function as a listener/handler for an http POST?  



I have a very odd problem with some dml code. I have a form on a Sites site which creates Leads. The submit action of the form is just halting when I come to insert the new Lead; no exception is thrown and no further processing takes place. A code snippet:


try {

Lead l = new Lead(LastName = 'foo', Company = 'bar', Status = 'Open - Not Contacted'); 


System.debug('Lead saved'); 

} catch (Exception e) {

System.debug('Exception caught');




Neither 'Lead saved' nor 'Exception caught' appears in the debug log, the log just ends:



20090822071712.927:Class.SitesLoopBlog.WebFormController.saveObject: line 96, column 14: Insert: SOBJECT:LeadCumulative profiling information:


And I get the dreaded Authorization Required page. Any ideas?

Helo All,


I have a situation where I have to load a large number of records using Salesforce webservice API.  With the current limit on the number of records (200) per API call, it is taking about 6 hours in total (with 50 cocnurrent threads). Is there any way to bump that number from 200 to a higher number, even by means of contacting Salesforce with a special request for the enterprise.


Note: We have enterprise license.



Ramana Maddikunta 

  • August 12, 2009
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I'm trying to create trending reports on analytic snapshots I've captured similar to the Opportunity Trend 3 report in here: http://www.salesforce.com/community/spring09/administrators/force-database/summary-rpt-data.jsp#. I'm pretty sure I need to create a custom summary field, but I'm not really sure how to do it. I can't seem to get the syntax right. Can someone point me at some examples?



Hello braintrust,


I have a requirement to create a set of dependant picklists, but I want the controlling field to have multiselect piclist behavior...

Also, my 2nd picklist may have more than 250 values.


So I assume I have to somehow create this programmatically.


Can visualforce and apex do this?

Or do I have to resort to AJAX?





Hey there, I am hoping that this is put into the right section. I was wondering if anyone knows of a tutorial PPT file or the like on Dataloader and donations? Another question I have is how do you get the account id for each donation, should this be a last name or address or does it have to be defined by dataloader.
Is there any way to insert new picklist values using Apex for a Custom Object?
  • November 14, 2008
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I downloaded the salesforce client certificate from salesforce website, but when I use keytool to import this certificate to keystore. the error message comes as below.

keytool -import -alias sforce -file sfdc_client.cert -keystore trust.keystore
Enter keystore password:  tangquan
keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Input not an X.509 certificate

but it is successful with the verisign public certificate. the salesforce certificate ends with cert file extension, but verisign's ends with cer file extension. It will be helpful if you guys provide information on this.