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In our Org we have setup SSO with ADFS 2.0, we are using a Self-Signed Certificate which is about to expire in a couple of days.
In Certificate and key Management section I got an option to create a new Self-Signed certificate. But is it just create a new certificate or is there any further procedure (like upload) after creating a new certificate?
Does this have any impact on current users?
Please advise.
Scenario : Implemented Single Sign On - Azure AD with User provisioning option.

If a user is created we can set Standard fields on User creation, But how are Public Groups and Permission sets being handled.

Work Around : I am trying to create a custom field in User table, which I intend/trying to populate from Azure while creating a user. Is this possible from Azure?

Or Please suggest another workaround Or is this feature available in SFDC that while creating a user via Azure AD(SSO) Public Groups & Permission Sets be assigned.

Please Advise.

I have configured Auth. Provider and External Data Sources for Sharepoint in my Sandbox Instance.

I am able to Validate/Authenticate Client's Sharepoint Instance, But I am facing an issue with connecting Sharepoint cia Files Tab

Your authentication token to this content source has expired

Refering the following link : https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=Files-Connect-OAuth-issue-Your-authentication-token-to-this-content-source-has-expired&language=en_US

I tried to recreate Authentication Settings for External Systems, still the problem persisting. 

Please advise.

Thanks & Regards,
Why doesnt Salesforce support "*"in SOQL Query when we can use a Dynamic Query to retrieve all fields of an object.

What are the reasons for not able to include an "*" operator in a query?
I have a requirement where in "onclick" of a button in Salesforce I need to open a new mail in outlook and attach all attachments available in "Notes & Attachments" related list. Is it possible?

By using URL link mailto:{!Contact.Email} I can open up an outlook with To addressed to Contact Email, Similarly can I attach all files in Notes & Attachments to that mail?
A Manager can access all his Approval Items to be approved from his Home Page.

In Approval Request, If a Manager is approving/rejecting his subordinates' record, he is redirected to the record he is approving/rejecting.

I want to change the return url to Home Page where all Items to Approve will be listed(Else he has to navigate back to homepage to continue with approve/reject other records).
We have more than one system administrator in our org. They are categorised by assigning them different profiles. I want the feature "Administrators Can Log in as Any User" in such a way that Users in Standard System Administrator Profile be able to log in as any user and Administrators in custom System Administrator profile can log in as any user except the users in Standard System Administrator Profile.

Please help me find a solution for the above scenario.
Hi All,

  How can we give our own custom LastModifiedaDate  to records while inserting in test classes.

We have class which has a query

            query = Database.getQueryLocator([SELECT Id FROM Lead  where RecordType.Name=:RecordTypeUtil.VIOC_Franchise_Web_lead and LastModifiedDate < LAST_N_YEARS:3]);

While writing test class for this class, we are trying to create some test data. To meet above condition we have to give LastModifiedDate  which must be 3 years old. How can we write a test class in this situations.

Any help is really appreciated.


I have created a multi approver approval process in which the record has to under go all the approval steps.
When I submit the record, it is getting approved after the first approval without submitting to next approver.

Please suggest what changes to be done to undergo all the levels of approval.

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

I have three fields.

Month__c -> Denotes month value (Ex. Jan, Feb etc)
Year__c -> Denotes Year value (Ex. 2013, 2014 etc)
Bill_Month__c -> Formula field need combination of both Month+Year (Ex. Nov 2013)

Please find below image.

User-added image

Thanks in advance.

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to create a validation rule that makes several picklist fields mandatory when a checkbox field is selected.

Thanks in advance!
Hi Everyone,

I have a custom Quote Field, lets call it 'Count'. I want the value of Count to come from looking at all the names of the products in the Quote Line Items and generating a value. I've figured a few things out on my own but my resources are running dry. Below is everything I've figured out

QuoteLineItem - the name of the object containing each product
Product2 - the product name that is displayed in QuoteLineItem
Count - this should be a custom formula field. the formula should look something like what I have below ->

count = 0;
For (all QuoteLineItem:x in Quote object){
    If (x.Product2 = 'ABC')
        count = count + 5;
    If (x.Product2 = 'DEF')
        count = count + 10;
     If (x.Product2 = 'GHI')
        count = count + 5;

Am I thinking about this right? Can someone help me pull this thing together.