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We are trying to over-ride default View  and Edit operations for Tasks in SF1.  The VF page which over-rides the default View operation is getting correctly displayed on SF1 and desktop both (through conditional rendering in code) when we go through another VF page (custom page) which lists all tasks (so effectively both are within our control).
However one glitch which has surfaced is that when we go through parent record (say Account) and then through related list click on task, the standard layout page is being displayed on mobile.
We see only 1 place at which you can over-ride "View" operation which is by over-riding through a VF page.

Anyone has ideas or faced similar situation ?  We are running short of time so would highly appreciate concrete inputs on the matter
Hi all,

Based on the flow provided in the External Data API guide, one should load data in an object called InsightExternalDataObject in Salesforce programatically and and also load a JSON file for metadata.

If we simply want to test out non-programatically, what can be done through set-up menu...searched in data loader for this so called object and could not find it. 

As per the diagram in the External API guide, it should be possible to load metadata as well as csv data file from UI also.
Any clues how to do this?

I'm currently stuck on the "Learn Standard Open Redirect Preventions" challenge of the "App Logic Vulnerability Prevention" module.

The challenge is to submit a valid open redirect attack starting from the Standard Redirect Protections Challenge tab.

However, the links on this page are all to standard record pages, where the hack (e.g changing retURL to returl) won't work (it only works on VF pages).

Even if I attempt this and check the challenge, the error I get states: "It doesn't appear that you've successfully redirected to an external website using the Visualforce page. Please try again." - so it implies that it expects me executing this from a custom VF page.

Can anyone give me some advice on where I'm missing something on the challenge?

I wish to include :-
<script src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false" type="text/javascript"></script>
extenal library for Google maps in a lightning component.

It doesnt allow me to do so , it gives me the following error:-
Content Security Policy: The page's settings blocked the loading of a resource at http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false ("script-src https://ap1.lightning.force.com https://ssl.gstatic.com chrome-extension: 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline'").

I tried loading this script asynchronously as well , by creating dynamic <script> tag and loading the src. Still doesnt work.

Kindly let me know how I can get Google Maps to work in a Lightning Component.

Thanks in advance
I'm looking to create a script to try to make calls to the Salesforce API and mimic the suggested solutions lookup tool in Salesforce.

I'm trying to get an understanding whether there's an existing App to do such a thing.  Alternatively, I'm looking to get a better idea of how the solutions are scored against the case itself.  Does it simply parse the subject and description of the case, and look for a solution with all of these words?

Thanks, any input is appreciated.