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Below is the screenshot of my developer org and it is not yet updated to Summer'19.
Here,  I have created a component LCompHidden which implements isURLAddressable interface, and using page reference state we get the value of the parameter, it is working perfectly in my dev org.
But the same I have implemented in a sandbox it worked fine but after few days it got updated to summer'19 release and it suddenly stoped working.
now I am not getting the parameters in the url, I have also tried copy pasting this url to the browser but that is also not giving me parameters.
Any pointers to the problem would be very helpful
User-added image
Hi All,
Please consider the below scenario.
In salesforce org we have a user (say U1), U1 has created multiple records of the custom object (say O1), the object O1 has private OWD and U1 is the topmost role in the role hierarchy.
Now U1 has left the org due to some reasons, and the user is deactivated by the System Admin.
Do we have any way that we can see the records of the object O1 created by the user U1 ?
Thanks in Advance...