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I just completed Advanced Formulas: Use Picklists in Formulas in Trailhead, but it was very frustrating. The instructions told us to create a case validation rule that would make it so that cases could not be escalated if the priority level was not marked to high, if the case was closed on create, or if it was set to closed before escalation. This was my original code, which worked in testing, but failed the challenge:

User-added image
This code resulted in the following error message: The validation rule does not appear to be working correctly. Marking IsEscalated to true and Priority to Medium did not fire the validation rule. Which makes no sense, because when I tested it, the rule was triggered when I set the status to escalated and priority to medium.

In the end, just to pass the challenge, I copied and pasted some other trailblazer's code which didn't even work when I tested it, but it still somehow met the requirements. I really don't get what I did wrong.
I am receiving the following error in the Creating Global Quick Actions Trailhead module challenge - "The global quick action was not created or it was not named 'New Detailed Account' "

Have read the previous posts and suggestions to fix, but my Global Actions are identical to the correct responses and the Publisher Layouts are displayed.  When I go into Chatter and Home on one of the Apps, I still do not see the New Detailed Account action listed in the feed though.  Is there some other setting I need to fix that will enable this to display BESIDES the Global Page Layout??
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