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Hello, we need to fix this - we think it is a bug.

Link to the function:

User A wants to sort Quote Line Items:
User-added image

Clicks on sort:

User-added image

After clicking on Save button, the Quote Line Items are not sorted:

User-added image

But when I log as another user and view the same Quote, the Quote Line Items show as sorted:

User-added image

Please help me fix this.
Hi All ,

Can anyone help with this requirement in security superbadge :
we have 2 profiles Profile named ""Inside Sales users" ,""Field Sales users" .
1. Inside Sales users should not have mobile access.
2. Field Sales users should have mobile access, granted by the admin on demand.
This mobile access means Salesforce1 or salesforce through mobile browser? how can we implement this?
I have gone through so many posts and links but nothing works.
Hello, I'm looking to create a multi-step web form that would connect to salesforce via the API. I have already done work with the API successfully on on a private portal, which correntlly authenticates the user. That user authentication would be an issue with web-to-lead as my potential customers would not autehticate with salesforce (no credentials) and I obviously wouldn't want them to autheticate. 

My forms would work like this:

Step 1: Basic information is collected - lead is created in salesforce
Step 2: Lead Id is available, and updated when user enters additional information in this step
Step 3, 4: same as step 2. 

So my question is, how can I connect via the API and autheticate without the user's interaction / knowledge?

  • January 24, 2017
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Can we store files and attachments in external storage from SFDC. We are storing our file on NAS(net wotk storge). SInce size of files is very big , so we store file on NAS and keep the storage link in sfdc.Please let me know how can we achieve this.

Hi there, I am trying to create a 2-step form on my website that integrates with SF.

Basically, the process should go like this :
  1. Submit Form1
  2. Create Lead on SF with data from Form1
  3. Redirect to Step 2 page
  4. Form 2 submit
  5. Update Lead on SF with Form 2 data

I've used a Web-To-Lead template to successfully execute steps 1 to 3. But now it's getting complicated.

As the 1st submit to SF doesn't give me back any data, I'm not able to identify the current user and to transfer data from step 1 to step 2.
Therefore, even if steps 1-3 were successful, I'm going back to square one arrived at step 2.

Also, there is probably something to do on the SalesForce side to be able to merge the data.
As of now, every time I submit my step 1 form, a new Lead is created instead of a merge.

I have to say that I'm not familiar will all SalesForce concepts so I may be missing something obvious here.

Thank you.



I have an email  template that merges all the fields in opportunity. In the opportunity page we have look up for Case.

I would like to merge the link for this look up field case in the email template.


Any idea on this?


Thank you!!!

I'm trying to set up an approval process including approval assignment email templates.


In these templates I'd like to address the receiving user, however this doesn't seem to work:



The template:




In the mail I get this:





Anyone has an idea what might be the problem?



Thanks in advance!