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In our business unit we have multiple sales channels that are handled in segments by certain reps on our sales and account management teams.  As we scale, and require the segmentation to become more and more defined, we are finding that we'd actually like to limit the search function for certain reps according to the channel (Account Record Type), as well as divide the information available to each group to be only what is important and useful to that business unit.


Any thoughts on how to accomplish this task?


Wes T.C.


At my company we generally have 2 owners on the account, the sales rep (Account Owner) and Account Manager who deals with the day to day stuff.  We deal with these assignments by having an Account Owner for the account record, and an Account Manager lookup field so that they can be assigned as well.


I am trying to set up some auto-tasks for the Account Manager, but it looks like I can only select the Account Owner in the workflow, for the task to be assigned to.  Is there any way I can assign the task to the Account Manager listed in the custom lookup field that we have created?



Is anyone aware of a way to create a custom object that is capable of cross-module functionality (reporting specifically)?


My Marketing and Sales teams work out of a Leads module for new leads that we consider "unsold", this question is intended for workflow help in this module as a whole, and not individual leads.


Our marketing team works with Pay Per Click leads, and they are marked a PPC leads in the lead record by way of a custom field.  We want to fire an internal eMail when it has been 1 hour since our last PPC lead was imported (automatically) from Google or MSN to our lead capture page.


We are not against adding time stamp fields, etc, but how can you build a workflow on a whole module and not individual records?


Any help is appreciated.



How do I add a column to the task view (list)?  I can add custom fields in the task itself, but I want certain ones to appear in the list view...

We have installed over 30 custom fields into our layout, one of which is the "Doing Business As" name.  The search functionality only yields and/or auto completes a search on "Account Name", but we would like the search to yield the "Account Name" OR the "Doing Business As" name (which is a custom field)  Is this possible?



Is anyone aware of a way to create a custom object that is capable of cross-module functionality (reporting specifically)?