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Problem is with the Lightning Experience Customization > Create and Customize List Views.

I've gone through the unit, successfully completed the challenge.  It still indicates it is incomplete.  It's preventing the trail from showing complete.
I changed my profile URL by mistake while updating my trailhead profile and lost all my badges and points. How to recover it again as my username and password is same as it was earlier. It's just the URL that has changed.  Please suggest. 
In the trailhead  (Improve Data Quality for a Recruiting App -unit3)  i create all fields correctly and add in page layout correctly i do not know why showing error message while checking the challenge.
 can anyone tell me is this required any extra changes.

Thanks in advance  

 As the title says I cant pass this challenge, I get this fault:


User-added image
I am sure that the logic i use in the formula is correct, or at least is one version of what does what is asked for.

Here is the formula I am using right now:

IF(Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c > 0, 
Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c, 

I have also tried with :

IF((Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c) > 0, 
(Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c), 
MAX(​​​​​​(Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c) > 0)
MAX(​​​​​​Desired_of_Volunteers__c - Shifts_Taken__c > 0)

And some other versions with and without parantheses.

I have scanned through pretty much all blog posts and forum threads I have found and tried all the stuff everyone said but its simply just not working.

I have also check the fields the formula is using and they seem correct.

I did also check out a video of a guy showing step by step how to do this part of the superbadge in a ~50 min video, he spent the first 15 minutes doing stuff that seemed to work until he got up unto this problem where he got stuck and spent ~40 minutes trying to solve the issue but in the end giving up and pressing "stop recording" and that was that.

It seems like I will have to skip this superbadge for now..

Any help appreciated!

  • March 01, 2019
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 I posted my question on trailblazer community but so far I cannot find a solution.
Javascript error when finished upload picture


Should I start over with a new trail player? Is there a work around to complete this trail head? Please advice! Thank
[NoErrorObjectAvailable] Script error.

We couldn't find a user named 'Noah Larkin' with the configuration specified in the project. Be sure you have entered the user information correctly.User-added image
Hi all,

Some months ago I did a Trailhead unit about reports, in which I configured a report to be notified by e-mail when a condition is met. And then, I missed to cancel that report before deleting the playground. Now I'm annoyed to receive so much e-mails from a playground I don't use anymore. I'm thinking on create a rule to automatically delete this kind of e-mails, but first I wanted to ask here.

Is there a way to access a playground once you've forgotten the username (and obviously the password)? If not, is there any other way to avoid this kind of e-mails to be received, other than an automatic filter in the e-mail server/client?

Thanks in advance.
I'm working through this step: Secure Your Users' Identity in the User Authentication module
The step asks you to create a user and assign it to a permission set that has Two-Factor Authentication for User Interface Logins selected. There are two problems:

1. I cannot create a platform user and assign it to that permission set without getting an error. 
2. The user I have assigned to that permission set can still log in without the second factor. 

Salesforce support won't help me.  They say it is out of scope.  The steps work on a Trailhead org, but the module specifically mentions provisioning a new Developer org.  
I am taking the 'Improve Your Classic App by Moving It to Lightning Experience' module and am having problems with the 3rd step 'Make Your Classic App Available in Lightning Experience'.
I have launched my 'jprovenzale1@salesforce.com' instance, run setup, accessed app manager and can see the 'Dreamhouse Classic App' .
Following the instructions, it says to 'Check the Show in Lightning Experience box' but I don't see that anywhere on the screen.
Although the Apps page shows the app as being visible, I don't see it in the app launcher and therefore cannot progress on from this step.
Can you please investigate.
I keep getting the following error:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Could not find 'Jane Cando' as a territory member of a service territory named 'San Francisco Area'.
However, when you look at the Territory related list you see the following:
User-added image
Jane Candor is in the correct territory.

Hi Forum,
This is a bit of an embarrsement. Having read through the superbadge requirements and spending most of Sunday configuring and re-configuring User profiles, I havent passed this check.
The Inside Sales User does not appear to have the correct object permissions for Accounts and Opportunities

What's strange is that I was stuck on "field sales user" and now I'm stuck at "Inside Sales User".

I believe the OWD's are fine as well as the Object Permissions as well as the Profile setup. I was wondering if there would be a way to verify the error.  In the meantime I will continue to persist.