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If someone can explain about programatically generating session ID to login into sales force.

As this is something that we need to acheive by allowing user to logon to our internal website and then show a link to salesforce on our site. Once a user clicks that link we need to take the user to sales force directly without logging on to sales force.

Is there any other way to achieve single sign on ? Link to any sample code or examples on which could help in Single Sign On.
  • June 02, 2005
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Please excuse but I am new to Sale Force.com.  My question is, I want to set up Web Link to be served up on Sales Force.com Account page.  I want the user that is logged into Sales Force.com to be able to click on the URL and their credentials (the credentials they used to log onto to Sales Force.com) will be redirected to the URL so the application can use the same credentials to validate the user, in  stead of the user having to login to the redirected site?  Any help is appreciated.





Are there any plans for Salesforce.com and Sforce API to support standard based Single Sign On for users who are users in Salesforce.com and at a partner site?  By this I mean support for external identity server as specfied in Liberty Alliance Project/SAML (or even Microsoft Passport)?


Len Takeuchi


  • February 03, 2004
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Does the wireless edition for Pocket PC work with the developer edition? If so how do I access it. I would like to see the functionality it offer.




  • December 12, 2003
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