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Hi folks,
Hoping someone might have seen this error before - after installing the latest version 6.16. I can login, but when I go to create a query, I get a pop-up message:
Oops, Could not find an active worksheet
I've done the usual un-install and re-install - still same problem.
I'd really like to get this fixed ASAP, so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.
  • June 03, 2006
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Is there anyway to access and view individual users' custom views and custom reports/dashboards as the System Administrator?  I need to port over these from one org to another org, with as little interaction from the users if possible.

Our phone system has a desktop agent that can shell out or communicate with external applications.   We have an existing application that gets account information through web services, then invokes an instance of internet explorer 6 and directs the browser to the appropriate account.  

I am performing maintenance on this application, and I'm trying to figure out how to have the application log into the SalesForce web application.   I am successfully logging in through the web service, but the web application is requiring me to log in again when I attempt to navigate to the account page. 

Given a successful login to the web service, is there a way to navigate to the account page without having to enter credentials at the login screen?


Jeff Penrod

we are using enterprise editon

having used ACT and Outlook calendars - there is a way to set an alarm say 15 minutes before the appointment in the calendar feature so i remember the appointment

use are using Avantgo - sales anywhere - ianywhere to get sales force data to our Treo Plam 650

But, we can not figure a way to set an alarm to remind us of the appointment. Having had this feature for 15 years using ACT it is hard for me to believe that there is no place to set an alarm on a new event meeting in sf

thanks in advance

I am fairly new in SalesForce. I would like to push an event from Opportunity object if it reaches to perticular stage to outside SalesForce application. I was thinking of publishing a jms message when someone changes opportunity stage in Opportunity object. Is this possible in SalesForce?

I am planning to integrate Salesforce with other application using Tibco. The issue is how tibco will know whether Opportunity has reached to perticular stage. I am looking for an event which can be pushed from SalesForce to Tibco. Is there anyway to achieve this?


Has anyone come up with a way to automatically generate a user activity, upon having a lead assigned to them.
I can see where this could get out of control in a firm that generates large numbers of leads.
We do not.
Rather than have my inside sales people constantly monitor their leads page, I would like a new high-prioriy activity to follow-up be created.
I am trying to "put" data from an Opportunity into another tab object called "Batches".
I have an example of how it was done by my organization in the past using a custom link but I am not sure if there is a better way.
Here is part of a custom link within Opportunity:
https://na1.salesforce.com/a00/e? retURL=%2F00630000001b2Sq &Name={!Opportunity_Batch_Number} &00N30000000i3EK={!Opportunity_Batch_Number} &00N30000000j5Dl={!Opportunity_Batch_Number} &CF00N30000000hK45={!Opportunity_Account_Name} &CF00N30000000gpxH={!Opportunity_Name}& ....
It looks like in order refer to fields of an object outside the current object, you have to specify their object id.
My question is what is the "a00/e" and how do you know to use it. And what is "=%2F00630000001b2Sq".
There appears to be a "CF" in front some object ids. Is this kind of usage documented anywhere?
If this is how to get and put data between objects, is there a way to get a complete report of ALL object names and IDs to make development easier? I find it hard to believe that this is the way it's done, but I'm new with SalesForce so anyhelp would be great.
I'm new here and considering an application that has significant value to mobile field reps, but may not be a priority for a saleseforce administrator.
Is it possible to create native or composite apps that an individual sales rep can choose to install/use with his ownn login exclusively. In other words, can an individual without administrator priveledges install/configure/use an appexchange app.
  • September 22, 2006
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Has anyone ever developed the following for two custom objects?  User creates a new record based on custom object no. 1, and once he hits the save button, a new record based on custom object no. 2 is automatically created and opened for the user to edit and then save.  How would one program this?
  • September 14, 2006
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Has anyone attempted a mash-up of Xcelsius and Salesforce.com via XML mapping and Excel?  If so, help is needed.  If not, what's the easiest way to generate an XML file of data from the Salesforce.com web service that can be mapped to an Excel spreadsheet.
Thanks in advance.
i just bought crystal reports server xi and i cant get it to connect to salesforce.com.  is there anyone who can help me?
Anybody can tell me which is the usefulness of the external Id option? this option it's when you create a new field for an object. What possibilities it offers?
Thanks, and best regards!!!
Is it possible to change the logo in our SFDC to our own companies? If so any help on how to do so is certainly appreciated!


I've read that Lookup Relationships between standard objects are not supported with the native app.  Does anyone know of a way around this limitation? 


Take, for example, the relationship between a lead and his or her real estate agent.  The outside real estate agent is a contact and the prospective buyer is a lead.  I want to show this relationship as a lookup between lead and contact, but this is not currently possible with the native IDE.  Does anyone know of a way around this?


I have some customer reports already created, and I want to create a Reports tab for my application which only lists the reports I wish to package into the application.

Can anyone point me to any documentation that will help me?

this is an example of what I'm doing:
1) Create e.g. a new Lead using the API
2) Show the new lead directly in the Salesforce GUI by having a direct link on my app
Now, "our" Salesforce instance has the domain https://emea.salesforce.com, however another user might access Salesforce by another URL. So if I create a static link https://emea.salesforce.com/00Q33242342, it might not work for people outside the EMEA zone/server.
Is there a way to find out, which Salesforce server the current user is logged in - maybe by parsing the "ServerURL" part of the SessionHeader?
Hi All!
I want to know that can we associate the approval requests with opportunities ? Means that some one can request for approval against opportunity instead of a contract ?
Best Regards
Ahsen Saeed
Formula Field's HYPERLINK fuction always launch a popup window. Is it possible not a launch a popup window and instead display html page in the right pane of Salesforce.com UI with the sidebar intact?
  • April 18, 2006
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