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I have set up a customer portal and now want to have Single sign on to it from our company website .. I am really struggling with this as I can see "Is SSO enabled" in a normal users profile under General User Permissions but there does not seem to be anywhere to set it in a Portal user's profile .. I've had our web developer review all the Wiki entries and it all makes perfect sense apart from the bit about "make sure the portal user profile has "Is Single-sign-on enabled" checked and you are using the correct login URLs."
Has anyone already set this up and could give me some direction?
Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice on how to get started with s-controls,etc .. how techie do you need to be .. are there any Apex/s-controls for dummies type resources.

We have SSO enabled in our org and have used the SSP toolkit to add our contacts into Salesforce.   Now that they're all added, I need some way to go in and enable some of them as super users so I've used the Data Loader and done an export and prepared my file with the ones I want to enable as super users .. however, when I continue with the data loader and get to the Create or Edit a map, I'm not getting SUPER USER as a field  that I can map to .. anybody got any ideas as to how I can do this.

We've implemented SSO using the PHP toolkit .. we have an existing website where "contacts" have their own username (email address) and password.  
Now that we have SSO set up and working in an iFrame on our site, our web admin tells us that all contacts have to be created via our existing site which will then create the contact in SF and grab the password for a specific contact's portal .. this is causing us problems for a few reasons:
1. We already have the SFA module of SF and are now just implementing Service and Support so a lot of the contacts already exist.
2. In our overall process, there may be occasions where contacts are or need to be set up directly in SF, e.g., if an account is at lead or opportunity stage, we offer them support so the support contacts would have been put in already by Sales but wouldn't be using the portal yet in our current process.
2b - if a critical call comes into support, the call needs to be logged straight away even if the contact doesn't already exist in SF.  The group that provisions customers is not the same group that takes cases so we can't ask a critical issue customer to wait while they're provisioned.  
At the moment all we can think of is letting support and/or sales set up the contact then going in and deleting it once we get the workflow alert to provision the contact.
Has anyone got an idea how we can get around this?
I created a custom object in my dev edition just to test it out .. I know I saw something somewhere that said you can upload it to the App Exchange and then download it to the live edition.   As I'm right in the middle of the implementation and my brain is fried, I need a link to a plain English version of this rather than a 27 page PDF which is all I seem to be able to find (can't search properly either given lack of brain power right now:smileysad:

I will be eternally grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction


can you please tell me if it is possible to configure the EmailToCase agent to ftp attachments to a dedicated ftp server instead of copying them to an NFS share?

many thanks


I want to add a link into email which allows the use to select a url which will redirect the user directly to the case within the Customer Portal.



I tried the following but I states that the url does not exists



Can anybody provide me advise on how to resolve this?





  • August 19, 2009
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Since the upgrade last night, the getSSP_URL function defined in the SelfServiceUtility distributed by Salesforce appears to return different data. Here is a sample of what is being returned by getSSP_URL:
As you can see, the hostname is repeated. Looking into SelfServiceUserUtility.php, it appears that the cssID (populated by $matches[2] in the php code) now includes the hostname, whereas before the upgrade it did not. I excluded the following from the destURL definition:
$scheme . '://' . $hostname .
which is working, but I am concerned that it will change back.
Anybody else seeing this?
Hello Everyone,
I'm testing my existing solution with Spring 08 release (sand box) and so far everything is ok. I have a package which I want to install on the pre-release account. When I pass pre-release SF account and password it returns me an error saying 'Invalid user name and password'. I'm 100% sure that user name and password I'm typing is correct since I logged in twice with the same username & password. Does anyone knows why pre-release account login fails for custom package? I'm really stuck here.
P.S. I have tried Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce User and Free 30 days Trial User but none of them works with the pre-release account
Amit Suri

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I have created an s-control that will send an e-mail. I need to have this sent when a case is created.
  • September 04, 2007
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