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I'm looking to edit the logic on my views so that the logged in user can only see the records that they themselves have created for ordering purposes on a custom object. 

So far what I have is:

CreatedbyID = $User.id  )

However not really sure where to go from from here. Any assistances would be appreciated.
This is the formula I am using for 2 profiles.  The Partner response field must be filled out beforfe saving a lead record for these 2 profiles only.
IF($Profile.Name = 'Reseller Partner Community User', false, 
IF($Profile.Name = 'Distributor Partner Community User', false, 
    CONTAINS(ISPICKVAL(Partner_Response__c, "","No Response")

Hi Developer Community!

This is my first post here, so please let me know if I am missing anything.

I am very novice when it comes to development, but what I am looking to build seems possible, so it seems like a nice place to start.

I have a custom relationship field on my opportunity object that tracks the the channel partner associated with the opportunity (Channel_Partner__c).

I want a field on the account object that counts every time an opportunity has that account input.

For example, if three opportunities contained 'Jellyvision Labs" (account name) I would like the account Jellyvision labs to have a field that populates the number 3.

This way, we can track the number of opportunities a channel partner is assocated with without needing to run reporting.

Thanks in advance! I hope this is a great learning opportunity to get me into more Salesforce development work!



I have an issue where cases are being escalated that should not be (which I am guessing means I have something configured wrong).

Here is the rule criteria:
(Case: StatusEQUALSNew) AND((Case: Current StageEQUALSCustomer Service) OR(Case: Current StageEQUALSCustomer Service Manager) OR (Case: Current StageEQUALSnull))

A case just escalated where the current stage is Customer Service Manager and the current Status is In progress.

The case was changed from a status of new to a status of in progress four hours before the escilation was fired. 

Any help understanding why this happened would be appreciated. 
Hi Everyone,
 I am facing an issue in Process Builder. I have created a Process builder flow that assign pricebook automatically based on Zipcode's. It is working fine.

But when add products to the pricebook for an opportunity it throws an error stating that "A flow trigger failed to execute the flow with version ID...." 
I can understand the issue something as it because of "OpportunityLineItem". I couldn't able to define OpportunityLineItem to get pricebook Id.
Since my process builder based on only "Opportunity".
Is this issue only because of OpportunityLineItem or some other thing causing the issue?
Any help on this, much appreciated.

The formula below shows how many hours since the first email response on a case based on the created date of the case.  How can I modify the formula so that if the createddate of the case falls on a Saturday or Sunday it bases the response time on the createddate being Monday at 8am instead of the datatime the case was created on Saturday or Sunday. The help desk hours are 8am to 8pm ET Monday thru Friday. 

Example: Case is created on 4/9/16 at 2:53pm
First email response is on 4/11/16 at 8:22am
Email Response Time should be 0

(ROUND( 12 * (
   ( 5 * FLOOR( ( DATEVALUE( First_Email_Sent_Date__c  ) - DATE( 1996,01,01) ) / 7) +
     MOD( DATEVALUE( First_Email_Sent_Date__c  ) - DATE(1996,01,01), 7) +
     MIN( 1, 24 / 12 * ( MOD( First_Email_Sent_Date__c  - DATETIMEVALUE( '1996-01-01 13:00:00' ), 1 ) ) )
   ( 5 * FLOOR( ( DATEVALUE( CreatedDate ) - DATE( 1996,01,01) ) / 7) +
     MIN( 5,
      MOD( DATEVALUE( CreatedDate ) - DATE( 1996,01,01), 7 ) +
      MIN( 1, 24 / 12 * ( MOD( CreatedDate - DATETIMEVALUE( '1996-01-01 13:00:00' ), 1) ) )
0 ))

I am deploying a change set to production and it won't pass validation. I had no issue deploying to other sandboxes. Here are the errors: User-added image
varCaseID is definitely referenced in the flow. Any thoughts as to what might be causing the issue?
I have an object that stores salary of all employees: column employee name and column salary, there is no userId column in this object.
User object is the lookup object of this Salary object.

How can I build a report that show only salary of the employee who runs the report.

If employee A runs report, he can see only his salary, Employee B can see only his salary...

 Hi Friends I'm facing a critical issue.like lot of accounts had ownership changes automatically.And all these accounts are showing account owner last modified by this user.We didn't set up any sharing rules or field update in accounts.Can anyone help me resolve this issue.

And we write an apex class in a custom object called bi in that object we have a common field in this and account.based on this field whenever it updated we automatically update the same field in account. But we didn't touch anything related to change the ownership of the account.

Any help is appreciated

I'm looking to edit the logic on my views so that the logged in user can only see the records that they themselves have created for ordering purposes on a custom object. 

So far what I have is:

CreatedbyID = $User.id  )

However not really sure where to go from from here. Any assistances would be appreciated.
Here my doubt is i want to convert the number to text format. 
here i used to TEXT(numberfield) in the formula field. but it is not working.
Ex: when a user enters 100 then the text format of the field has to display ONE HUNDRED. 

Please help me..

Thanks and Regards,
Anji reddy k
I have a process defined in the Process Builder with 3 conditions on a custom Object.

Condition1: If the Status is 'AUTO_APPROVED', 
                    Action1: call a APEX program.
Condition2: If the Status is 'SUBMITTED', 
                    Action1: call the APEX program
                    Action2: Submit an Approval process. [Once approved the Status will get updated to 'APPROVED']
Condition3: If the Status is 'APPROVED',
                    Action1: call another APEX program.

I have selected the below option in process builder:
Recursion - Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction?  --> This is set to 'Yes'

1. User sets the Status to 'SUBMITTED'. It triggers the Condition2 and Approval process is submitted.
2. Once Approved, the status is changed to 'APPROVED'.

I am expecting another process to trigger and the evaluate Condition3 to be true and another APEX program gets called.
But this is not happening. Is it an expected behaviour ? 

If Yes, what is the other alternative ?
If so, then what is the use of the check box 'Recursion - Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction?'

IF No, what am I missing ?


I am working with a nonprofit developing a script in their case management system using Flow. This has worked very well, and I have been able to build a script that meets the demands of the Program Manager who runs their volunteer hotline. I do have some questions though that I cannot seem to find the answers to online. I have predominantly used picklists and multi-select picklists to capture the various answers to questions the volunteer hotline reps will be asking tenants that call in with questions, and the picklists and multi-selects map fine to the Case Object, but where I am having difficulty is with this, when I add a screen where I want to use a text field, text box, currency or number field from the Add a Field tab I do not see those materializing in the Case object custom fields list This is my first time using Flow, and I cannot seem to find answers anywhere online. Are there extra steps involved in connecting mapping these to the Case Object?

My second question is in the creation of a button to fire the script when creating a new case. Ideally I would like the hotline rep to be able to push a Create New Case button and in doing so be taken to the script so they can launch into the scripted questions, and go through the script to completion and save the case. Does anyone have a solution for this, and if so can someone help me out with solving this issue. 
I tried to create a workflow rule and email alert when status is changed to pending resolution from pending ops on a case object.  This is my formula but it is not working.  Can someone help.

ISCHANGED( Status ), PRIORVALUE(Status)= "Pending Ops", ISPICKVAL(Status,"Pending Resolution")
Hi, I have a WFR with the following rules with the evaluation criteria created and edit

(Opportunity: Stage EQUALS Closed Won) AND (Opportunity: Booked GREATER OR EQUAL 1) AND (Opportunity: Live Alert EQUALS False)

The immediate action is to Field Update and there is a time dependant action of an email alert set to fire 1 day before the value of a date field.

This is no longer working (it used to) so I fired up the debug logs and edited a record so that it was out of the criteria, then back in the criteria. What I noticed was the field update worked (normally how I tell if a WFR is working or not) but the time dependent action is not in the time-based-workflow monitor.

The last time this happened it was because of a change in the SF seaosn release but so far I can't crack this egg again using the same workaround.

Can anyone point me in the direction of working out why this has happened and why the field update would work but not the time based action. Hopefully I'll be able to make some progress fixing this.

User-added image


  I need a suggestion in this requirement there is a contact lookup created in opportunity page this field should be updated automatically.

  When a lead is converted in salesforce it gets converted into Account, Opportunity and Contact my requirement is to update the contact information to opportunity lookup please suggest me can i create a trigger and update will this be a good approach or there is any alternative way like workflow we to update please suggest