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We are trying to install Chatter Graph and get the following error:

 System.Exception: Assertion Failed: Expected: "graph": [id:xxx, name: "Test", adjacencies: xxx, data: {type}, name: "Test2", adjancencies...Actual: "Graph

Class.ChatterGraphJSControllerTest.testGetJson: line 29, column 7

External Entry Point



Is there way to format a dateTime field in Apex Explorer?  I want to be able to see the milliseconds information for the CreateDate and LastModifiedDate?


Here is a sample SOQL:


Select l.CreatedDate, l.Id, l.LastModifiedDate, l.ImportId__c

from Lead l

where id = '00QQ00000015reWMAQ'

To help reduce Lead duplicates is there a way to create a Lead in Salesforce using the Web-to-Lead form BUT use a upsert method (which keys off an External ID to either create the Lead if there is no existing Lead with the External ID OR update the Lead if there is a Lead with that External ID)?


NOTE: I've tried using the Web-To-Lead with an external Id and it doesn't make any difference.  A new lead is always created. 



Here is a simple problem, but how to solve in Salesforce?



1 hour after an Save action I want to check if an associated field has been filled in.  If the field is *not* filled in then I want to send an email to the appropriate person.  How to do this?


My Flawed Solution

  • I used a workflow with a time-dependent action to set a value that I thought would trigger a second workflow rule.
  • The second workflow would look for a value in a field and then send the email. 

*** This did NOT work because a time-depending field update will NOT trigger another workflow.  Here is the Salesforce Info:

Existing workflow rules are not affected by time-dependent actions; Salesforce lists all existing actions in the Immediate Workflow Actions list.

We had a contractor working in our Sandbox to add features to our Salesforce system. Well, the contract hours ran out and the contractor has gone. Now we are stuck with a bunch of changes done in our Sandbox that need to be identifiied, tested and moved to production. The changes could have been adding fields, objects, trigger and APEX code.  We don't know. 

Is there a way to compare the non-data structure of our Sandbox against production to see what are the differences?

Thanks for any help.

We have a lot of integration work to do.  Right now I need a suggested method to push information from Salesforce to another system.  For example, we are creating a lead in Saleforce that need to be sent to another system.  I want to be able to set a trigger that will notify me of the update and then I can write some code to send the information to another system using their web services.

I am trying to return some information for just the PRIMARY contact on a given account. I think I can do this in one query.


However the query below returns me all the contacts (primary and non primary). Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my SOQL and how I should go about just returning the details of the primary contact? 


Select c.Phone, c.LastName, c.FirstName, (Select AccountId, ContactId From AccountContactRoles WHERE IsPrimary =true) From Contact c



We are trying to send an email to SFDC for parsing using the EmailToApex class example in the tutorial. Nothing gets posted. We looked at the other discussion threads and found some inference that the sender of the email needed to be the same as the account login on SFDC. Not sure why that would be but we tried it anyway - no deal.

We activated bounce back on the messages and got a response that says the following:

554 Transaction failed: No authentication check passed.

Return-Path: <user@ourdomain.com>

X-SFDC-Interface: external

In looking at the hint for the Advanced Email Security Settings, it says the following:
Before enabling this option, make sure that your users email domains support at least one of the following protocols: SPF, Sender ID, or DomainKeys.

In looking at the rejection (bounce back) response, it appeared that could in fact be the case.
(Note the NONE next to each of these values).

We contacted our mail host and they have activated SPF for us on our mail server.
However, they said that they will likely need to add the SFDC mail servers to our SPF service as well.
Is that true?

Here is the language from the hosting company support rep:
Tech Support: Ask SalesForce "What do I put in my SPF record to make sure messages sent from the SalesForce server pass SPF checks?" If SalesForce publishes their own SPF record (which I'm sure they do) they will tell you something like "include:(some salesforce.com server here)". This will be the most accurate way to ensure that we setup your SPF record correctly.

Do we really need to have SFDC servers on our mail sever? That seems unnecessary. If it is in fact the case- what are the SFDC mail servers we need to add? There must be several.

Any help is appreciated.

  • March 13, 2009
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I have run through the email services tutorial several times with no successful email update of mileage. I do not find anywhere that an email was received. Is there a step missing from the tutorial? The emails do not bounce back, is there a log somewhere I can look for errors or status?





  • March 10, 2009
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Hello All,

               I have two apex web service methods and am unable to call these methods in java.
can any body suggest me how can use with java client program?

  • December 12, 2008
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