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Upon form submission, create a contact record in Salesforce if one does not already exist, matching on the email address. I'm curious as to how to START... the form is a Visualforce form.
Our users need to render pdf's in specific languages, not all supported by Salesforce.  Ideas?  Vendors?  I'm an admin, not developer, so please be mindful of that in how you answer *grins*  *halo*  With that in fomind... would an api plug-in be the correct path in thinking this through?

I'm also thinking about using Flows versus VF.  Any reason to not go this route?
  • September 22, 2014
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There is a custom date field in the Opportunity object for First Meeting Date.  I need a rolling 14 less 60 days report and think that I need a formula field for First Meeting Date month.  Do you agree?
  • September 19, 2014
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I have a customer portal that I need some text to display in whatever language the User is using.  A couple of languages we need to support are not supported by Salesforce at all.  


Haitian Creole


Is this doable?  If so... where do I begin?