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Please contact me if you have experience with setting up customized dashboards and reports.

Requirements would be to capture website order fields(roughly 12 per transaction) and load into customer Salesforce instance.  Also need to create new account/contact/opportunity records as well as create new opportunity records for repeat customers.  



I want to send an email to all related contacts in account on 15th of every month using time dependent workflow.


Can anyone suggest how can i achieve this.

Thanks in advance.



I am looking for an opportunity to work with a great company as a SalesForce Admin. Consultant.  If you are interested in speaking with me, please contact me at 678-994-1350. I am located in Georgia, USA and have my own office at home for remote work.  I am providing reasonable rates and only won't serious inquiries please. 


Looking forward to chatting with you.


Sherry Saylam 

We are looking for expertise in VisualForce and app develpment on a contract/part-time basis in the Washington, DC area. Please contact me for details. 

To support our rapid growth, we are seeking talented, motivated engineers to join our office in Chicago. You must bring a passion for programming and developing innovative solutions. As a Force.com software engineer, you will have the opportunity to work with a powerful web application using some of the latest technologies with a brilliant, talented bunch of developers solving complex problems. You will work closely with BigMachines’ development team to build and deploy our solution using APEX and a host of other cutting edge technologies.  We are looking for highly motivated individuals who can learn quickly, grow with the company, and look forward to the challenge of delighting our customers and building our business.


Please Note: Aptitude testing is required for all applicants


A more detailed description of the position can be found online at www.bigmachines.com/jobs.


For consideration, please apply online.




Looking for salesforce help - contract to perm , see link for details




Thanks ,

Michael J


San Jose , Ca

I want to edit a checkbox list table . How can i edit the checkbox list table in sfdc?




<apex:form id="STForm">
<apex:pageblock >
<apex:pageBlockButtons location="bottom" >
<apex:commandButton value="Next" action="{!doAssets}"/>

<apex:pageBlockSection title="Select Assets to Post">

<apex:selectCheckboxes id="STCheckboxes" layout="pageDirection" value="{!ExchangeAssets.selectedAssets}" >
<apex:selectOptions id="STOptions" value="{!ExchangeAssets.AssetResults}" />


  • May 21, 2012
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We are looking for a Developer with experience in Customer Portal construction to assist in the process of creating a client portal for deployment in the next 6 weeks.


A developer familiar with customizing the look and feel, reporting and "custom" functionality which we would like to deploy through the portal.


Must have knowledge of analytical extraction and display abilities through automation from SFDC -  reports, charts, etc.


If you have experience  in these areas please contact me and provide a summary of relevant experience and contact details to discuss project scope.