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We use informatica web services consumer to access salesforce. Currently we cannot upload nulls to some non-nullable fields; I know its possible through dataloader, but has someone tried this with Informatica?


Thanks and regards,




Does anyone know the integration options that might be available besides the api?  Specifically, if we move from an enterprise license to a professional license, are there tools/methods we could use to take the place of the standard api methods?  I have heard there are, but would like to check them over.


thanks for any direction.

  • October 04, 2010
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We want to integrate OBIEE with SFDC, I want to understand how this can be done.


I have following options in mind, let me know your thoughts on this:


1. Create a channel to pump SFDC data in local database and then use ETL tool to massage this data and then use this in OBIEE

2. Use ETL tool to extract/transform and load data to local datawarehouse and source this massaged data into OBIEE

3. Connect directly to SFDC from OBIEE.


Of course I prefer 1st method, as in 2nd method I'll have to worry about commit/rollback as I am not sure about ETL tools capabilities to hold transactions over n/w for large data (will it be large). As for 3rd method, if OBIEE were to fire query across n/w it would have considerable performance hit.


Very important thing here would be to understand SFDC schema itself. If somebody could point me to easy tutorial to understand SFDC schema it would be great.


Thanks in advance, looking fwd for answers

Ganesh (newbie to SFDC)



I am trying to create a apex page which creates a new Lead using the data input by a user. This is done through an ajax call which will not use any controller classes. My goal is to create a lead and redirect to another site. I have achieved this using the following code.



     var lead = new sforce.SObject("Lead");
     lead.lastName = "a";
     lead.company = "b";
     lead.status = "Open - Not Contacted";
     var result = sforce.connection.create([lead]);



This works fine when executed in a page preview but throws an exception when the page is linked to salesforce sites.

Exception is follows.


Error: uncaught exception: {faultcode:'sf:API_CURRENTLY_DISABLED', faultstring:'API_CURRENTLY_DISABLED: API is disabled for this User', detail:{UnexpectedErrorFault:{exceptionCode:'API_CURRENTLY_DISABLED', exceptionMessage:'API is disabled for this User', }, }, }


Can anyone help me on this urgently?



Hello Everyone,


We have Sales Force services  and Dynamics AX software setup for business. I want to update the Sales Force data with any update made in AX System, for ex. if Accounting Department makes any update in Account..it should update the  Sales Force data too. So its information update from AX to SalesForce.


I want to achieve this with Custom In house programming, and not using any Component. How do I achieve this..and what kind of strategy I can use? I know that Sales Force has some webservices that I can call from outside....but how can I call this services when there is some database update in AX system....The database update in AX system should trigger the call and update the Sales force.


I would appreciate any hint/support with this.

Thank you in advance. 


Can I store multilingual data in custom object fields?


Is there any good documentation on developing mulilingual applications for salesforce?


Does the data loader work well importing multilingual data?  I see some questions unanswered with issues regarding this?




  • August 05, 2009
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Error: Custom field index limit exceeded


I get this error message when I try add a new External ID to the Account Object in a Sandbox.


I have removed both of the other External ID's, and they are not their anymore because when I use data uploader it does not let me choose them, but I still get this error???


Do I need to refresh something or need to wait about?


Thanks in advance




I have installed Inofrmatcia ondemand data loader in my developer edition. But, its not working properly. When I click on Integrationt tab, is giving message has Salesfroce.com session expired.


Can I get any help\notes\pdf on this how to use this.


Another question, Can I extract data from Salesforce.com using informatica into xls file?


Thanks in Advance!




Is there an open source project for converting XML to inserts/updates to data in SFDC? 


I've worked on a Java component that does this through Force.com WS, and am now helping a project that did the same with .NET.  But, I think it would be a real step forward to put the data transformation and business logic in Apex and just allow the other tools to send the XML and CSV data to it via a web service call or email.  


This would have real advantages in global enterprises that tend to have multiple SFDC instances as well as multiple divisions sharing an instance, as it would permit custom data transformations and trigger logic to be housed and maintained with the data, which itself is custom in both model as well as data use and business process.  


This could be packaged with App Exchange or Code Share to permit high reuse.  


Does such a project exist, yet?  If not, is anyone interested in joining one?




We use informatica web services consumer to access salesforce. Currently we cannot upload nulls to some non-nullable fields; I know its possible through dataloader, but has someone tried this with Informatica?


Thanks and regards,