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Ok so I got off the phone with premier support, and that didnt get me anywhere... So to the trusty boards...


I have created a field for first response, bascially it is updated on the first out bound e-mail or a click to call from the case via the CTI adapter.


All I need to do is report on the diffence between Created time stamp and the First Response time stamp...


Sounds simple, yes... But I can not get this to work from a reporting stand point, so I searched the forums and sounds like some are using another formula field to calaculate the difference.


Any Ideas???






I have 2 custom Date/Time fields for example. 


i) L1 = date/time when case is assigned to Level 1 Support

ii) L2 = date/time when case is assigned to Level 2 Support


I wanted to calculate the time the Case has spent in L1 Support, for example.  I came up with the following logic:



IF(IsNull(L2__c), (ClosedDate - L1__c), (L2__c - L1__c)


Basically, if L2 is null (ie: Case wasn't assigned to L2), then the time spent in L1 is the ClosedDate - L1.   If L2 is not null (ie: Case was assigned to L2), then the time spent in L1 = L2 - L1. 


This is great, but only if the Case is Closed.  


What if the Case is still Open, in L1 Support?


I've tried several IF(AND(IsNull...but I am receiving missing ')' and expecting boolean, etc.  Is there a way to do nested IFs?


Thanks for any tips.







I would like to first start off saying that I am very very VERY green to this environment. So I apologize with the very little knowledge that I can come to the table with.   

1. I have a timer built in to my case layout and would like to create a trigger that would sum the multiple records that the timer creates to an integer field in the general information of the case. 


I really appreciate any help!!! 





Is there a way that I can transfer existing data currently stored in a field to another tab by recreating duplicate field? In another word, I have created 2 tabs that are linked to each other with different fields. After inputing some data, I now realize that I actually would like 1 single tab instead of 2. The problem is I have 77 records saved in the both tabs. I don't know how to transfer these data over, except by manual copying & pasting...


Please help!




I'm curious to know how other companies handle their sales@company.com account (or info@ for that matter).


I would like to have every email sent to this address injected into SF as a new lead, that gets put through our round robin lead assignment rules.  Any ideas on how to accomplish this?


Any help is greatly appreciated. 

I have a contact list (Excel) to import that has organization affiliations and donation hiatory in the spreadsheet cells.  When importing contacts, related object fields are not available to be picked as import destinations.  Is there a way of automatically importing these data, or do they need to be entered manually.

I use case comments for working on Client Service cases


I would like to better track time spent working on cases (preferably by day)


I've created a custom object called "Comment Time Tracking" and associated a custom field called HoursSpent


When I add a case comment, I want to be able to update the HoursSpent field in the custom object.

Any idea's on how to do this?


There are triggers related to 'Case Comments'. Is it possible to do this with a trigger or perhaps a workflow rule?

If so, what would it look like and where could I get the HoursSpent information from the user?

Is it possible to popup a window and request the information when they add a comment?

  • December 14, 2009
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