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Exciting opportunity for an experienced Salesforce resource at QUALCOMM Incorporated!


Provide enterprise support and implementation of Salesforce.com instances. The successful candidate will be responsible and accountable for translating business processes into systems solutions, preparing system requirements, performing complex system configurations to match business unit requirements, providing Salesforce.com application training and facilitating communication with users. Must be able to analyze current business process(es) or needs, and identify and implement streamlined, efficient application solutions.

Skills/Experience: Five plus years providing systems or business process analyst support in an engineering, manufacturing or high tech industry required. Three plus years in a technical customer service role required. Two plus years working with an integrated CRM solution a plus. Salesforce.com implementation and support experience strongly desired. Understanding of database concepts and data management (RDBMS) required. Must develop moderate to complex SQL scripts. Java, XML, HTML skills a plus.

Additional Skills: Must demonstrate exceptional verbal and written communication skills. Excellent organizational and follow through skills are required. Experience developing system requirements is required. Experience with relational database management systems and design methodologies is required. Must demonstrate expert abilities in office productivity tools (MS Office suite).

Education Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience required.


Please apply directly at www.qualcomm.com/careers and reference Requisition # N1763088.


I wanted to create a Case Close Page Layout today and noticed that the current Case Close Page Layouts are not shown in the IDE via Eclipse. All other page layouts for standard and custom objects are shown as well as regular "Case Page Layouts"? Can you anyone know why or if the "Case close page Layouts" are just not accessible via the IDE? What I wanted to do was simply create a copy of a "case page layout" for the "Closed Case page layouts" since you cannot clone a "Closed Case page layouts" directly from a "case page layout" via the standard Salesforce interface.

Thanks ahead of time!
I have granted field level permissions to change the contact created on Case,but strangely
altough the portal user can select another contact from Lookup ,after  saving

Salesforce shows the same contact. ie Contact update is lost somewhere.

No triggers are running on Case on my org.

What could be the possible reason for this.? Is this a bug or something to do with sharing rules.
Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.

  • August 29, 2008
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Hi All,
Is it possible to remove the command from the number field? i.e. if the data type is number field, and the value is greater than thousand, then SFDC automatically starts to add comma e.g. 1,096 is it possble to not show the comma OR write a formula so that it would remove the comma? oh I do NOT want to create a text field to overcome this difficulty. Any help would be really great.

  • August 27, 2008
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We need some help on creating case with associated contact detail.

The New emailAgent uses the Partner API classes to create the new case. But it creates the cases with description and subject only.

Can we associate contact detail (using the from field "from" the email) using Partner API for given case? Or is there any other alternative.

Thanks in Advance .........


  • August 13, 2008
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I'm having trouble with my Email to Case agent.

I've got multiple Email to Case agents set up to run on about 7 different email address, and they all work fine.

I'm trying to change the Salesforce user that processes these messages, but I'm getting the following error:

2008-07-09 13:13:12,202 [main] INFO  com.sforce.mail.EmailService  loaded as a t
imer service.
2008-07-09 13:13:13,834 [Timer-0] INFO     processing 1 messages
2008-07-09 13:13:16,108 [Timer-0] ERROR Routing Addresses are not set up correct
ly to run Email To Case.
2008-07-09 13:13:16,118 [Timer-0] ERROR com.sforce.exception.InvalidConfiguratio
nException: Routing addresses are not setup correctly.
com.sforce.exception.InvalidConfigurationException: Routing addresses are not se
tup correctly.
        at com.sforce.mail.GenericClient.handleMessage(GenericClient.java:638)
        at com.sforce.mail.GenericClient.receive(GenericClient.java:409)
        at com.sforce.mail.EmailService$EmailWorker.run(EmailService.java:211)
        at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.TimerThread.run(Unknown Source)

 The only thing I'm changing is the Salesforce login and password.

I've had a look, and if I change this user on to the System Admin profile, this error goes away and email to case works fine.
If I put it back on it's current custom profile, this error occurs every time.

Obviously it is bad practice to give users System Admin access when you don't need to, so I'm trying to determine which permissions I need to grant it in order for this to work.

Looking at the permissions I've granted to the profile, I can't see anything else (secure) that I can grant it.
ie.  I've already given it the "manage cases", "edit tasks", "edit event's", "send emails" and bascially full permission access to all objects.

I have tried giving the new user the 'modify all data' and 'customize application' permissions (against my better judgement) as per the Salesforce online help, but this didn't help.

Does anyone know which permission is being denied?


Does anybody has experience or can anybody tell me if it is possible to create within the normal SFDC user surrounding an extra Tab with the latest news posted by the Admins?
This because we are still devellopping the tool to match our business and we have allmost every day an update which we need to communicate.
Regards and thanks,
I'm trying to create a validation rule using the new VLOOKUP function.  The idea is:
* Registrations are detail-master to Programs
* Faimly Groups are also detail-master to Programs
* Registrations has lookup relationship to Family Groups
* want to limit so that you can only choose a Family Group that belongs to the same Program that the Registration belongs to

So basically this is a workaround to get around the lack of filtered lookups.

I tried writing the validation rule to look like this:

NOT ( 
VLOOKUP( $ObjectType.Family_Group__c.Fields.Program__c ,  
$ObjectType.Family_Group__c.Fields.Id , Family_Group__r.Id ) = Program__r.Id )

 However, this gives me an error of "Incorrect parameter for function VLOOKUP(). Expected Record Name field." which is rather inscrutable, I'm sure you'll agree.

From experimentation, I've found that it works if I replace those Id fields with Name fields.  However, I don't want to do that, as Family Group names are not necessarily unique.

Why doesn't it work with the Id's?  Is there some reason that this function won't accept Id fields as parameters?  If so, is that something that could be changed?  This is probably the most important potential use of this function in validation rules.

BTW, the documentation is not clear on this.  The only thing it says is "The field_on_lookup_object must be an indexed field."  But I can't find anywhere what constitutes an Indexed Field in SFDC, so that's not too helpful.

Thanks for any help!


  • February 16, 2008
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when i fill 10000 in any field that is of number(18,0) type, comma appears like 10,000.
how it can be removed? is there any setting within salesforce?
  • December 05, 2007
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I'm new to Saleforce.com.  I have created a custom tab that builds a url to my site.  I now want to modify the sidebar so that I can add contacts and custom buttons and links.
I tried following the help documentation but it didn't seem to line up with my options on the page.  Can someone give me an idea of how to modify the sidebar and add contacts?  I'm hoping that I'll be able to figure out the custom buttons and links after that.
  • September 13, 2007
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