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I have built in some VF pages which are embeded in the page layout. These pages have some buttons on it which redirect to a new page.

For the page to open in the same page and not within the iframe i have used the javascript windows.top. Now this would not work on the new lightning UI as it would overwrite the lightning container.

I am pretty sure this is a use case for many existing applications. Is there a workaround or ideas to open the new page within the lightning container, but within the iframe holding the VF page in pageLayout
We looking out for a Senior Salesforce developer in Columbia, MD area. If you are interested apply for the job from



We are having a Basic Apex & Visualforce Development Training on Oct 24th. Please sign up if you are interested at  http://cm-focus.com/Salesforce-Apex-Training  



We CM-Focus (Silver consulting partner) are offering Free Live Webinar on most useful Salesforce Admin Tools on 15 Jan 2013



I have a string

|      859706 | Conficker infected host at
   |        5744 |       7089 |        5 |                 4 | 1309714576 |
                    1 | completed           | 

 i am splitting it using the following code

     System.debug('columns size++++++++++++  '+columns.size());
     List<Account> ac = [select id, name from account where accountid__c=:columns[3]];
     System.debug('account No+++++     '+columns[3] );

 I am also searching in account object  where  a custom field accountid__c is equal to columns[3]

But for some reason the result is always 0. I checked in account it does have a record matching. This is the query used from apex explorer.


select id, name,accountid__c from account where accountid__c ='5744'

00190000007NtKDAA0	account1	5744


Here is the debug log to prove i am pulling the correct value.


02:26:30.349 (349794000)|USER_DEBUG|[28]|DEBUG|columns size++++++++++++  11
02:26:30.349 (349831000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[28]|System.debug(ANY)
02:26:30.350 (350097000)|SOQL_EXECUTE_BEGIN|[29]|Aggregations:0|select id, name from account where accountid__c=:columns[3]
02:26:30.372 (372988000)|SOQL_EXECUTE_END|[29]|Rows:0
02:26:30.373 (373310000)|SYSTEM_METHOD_ENTRY|[30]|System.debug(ANY)
02:26:30.373 (373393000)|USER_DEBUG|[30]|DEBUG|account No+++++             5744 


We are a Santa Monica based company who is looking for an Apex Developer to set up external API calls to Amazons' Alexa Web Services ( http://aws.amazon.com/awis/ ) that will update records on creation, on a weekly schedule, and manually. If you are interested, shoot us an email! 



Salesforce Analyst/ Developer needed for small organization in Southern US.  Full-time or part-time work considered, but must be available on-site for consistent hours and on-call for troubleshooting during normal business hours.  Some nights and weekends required as needs arise.


  • 2-4 years Salesforce experience required

Please submit resume to salesforceanalyst@comcast.net.  Inquiries will receive prompt reply with contact info and company name.


We developed and implimented Salesforce but now need more and future development.


We are not utilizing Salesforce as well as we should be and we need to add a new company as well.


Please do respond quickly if you can help. We are located in Florida and use the cloud.



Roderick Kabel

Marketing & SEO Director


  • April 22, 2013
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We are looking for a programmer who can help us come up with a custom solution to automatic invoicing and payment tracking. This project will take some creativity. If all goes well, we will continue to use your services to improve and make changes to other aspects of our CRM.


Email Steven Caiazza at scaiazza@andersonadvisors.com with your fee and contact info if you are interested.

We are currently experiencing a growth and need a few qualified Salesforce.com Admins to join our global team.


Requirements are:

  • Admin Certified or 3 years proven experience as an admin
  • Ability to have impeccable communication skills both written and oral
  • Background in customer service or in training a plus
  • Ability to be available a minimum of 3 hours during PST office hours 3 times a week
  • Must be a team player and work well with others

If you have the above skills and are looking for part/full time work as a Salesforce.com Admin please read what Corrao Group has to offer:

  • Flexible hours
  • Bi-Monthly Payments
  • On Job Training
  • Paid Certification for those on the team 3+ months
  • Flexible work load
  • Great remote working environment with a Global team


If interested please send an email to aaller@corraogroup.com


My company Rise Analytics is working on a project requiring someone with good knowledge of Salesforce and its capabilities, and good writing skills. The project involves writing a how-to report to communicate to end users. It would teach users some basic ways to customize and extend Salesforce, including step-by-step directions. Would be best for a business analyst type person and not strictly a developer.



Fast growing worldwide ecommerce company in Seattle, needs help with global install base of sf.com. Reports and dashboards, budget approved ready to go...

Job Overview for Functional SalesForce.com:


This person will have 2-4 years of experience with functional experience with new implementations of SalesForce.com. They are in an immediate need for a functional SFDC consultants who can work with the internal employees to help design, blue printing and configuration of the modules that are being implemented. They are utilizing Sales Force Automation for their organization.


The ideal resources will have experience with at least 3 SFDC implementations where Sales Force Automation was installed as well as a strong knowledge of configuration and design.


Required Skills for Functional SalesForce.com Needs Job:





Contact Information:


Ryan Mac Donald

Senior Technical Recruiter

Saicon Consultants

913-451-1178 #14



Send me a linked in invite to connect for the future:



For a more complete job list visit my Blog at:




We are a small Missouri based non-profit and we desperately need an independent consultant to help us finish customizing SF Enterprise to our needs.  We need help with email integration, mobile access, data clean, and other such problems.  We have already spent thousands of dollars on a firm and don't need that level of support, nor could we afford it.  But we are willing to pay a reasonable rate for a good communicator that can help us efficiently and expeditiously.  Thank you!

Salesforce Admin/Developer

Nexenta Systems is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-class OpenStorage solutions. The company’s flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, a software-only platform, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage management. NexentaStor is a storage software solution built upon ZFS technology. It operates on industry standard x86 servers and provides NAS and SAN capabilities, including support for CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel storage access. Running on any industry-standard hardware, NexentaStor eliminates vendor lock-in and provides open, unified storage management at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems. For more information, and a free trial of NexentaStor, please visit us at: www.nexenta.com.


  • Position: Salesforce Admin/Developer
  • Location: Houston, TX (open to other locations)
  • Duration: 4-6 Months Contractor
  • We need good candidates with genuine experience
  • This person will be designing a customer portal
  • Experience in automation a must

We need a Web entity (servlet) to be called when a new lead or account has been created in Salesforce (manually within salesforce or through a web form) and the lead or account id to be passed over.

The Apex code from this project simply needs to request an URL like this: http://myhost.com/processnewlead/lead-or-account-ID upon creation of a new lead or account.


We are looking for a developer that can implement this for us within the next few days. Please post how long it would take you and how much it would cost us.


Thanks and best regards


  • February 04, 2013
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Hi all,


i'am currently looking urgently for a developper to help me improve our plateform. Have a lot to do and can't do it by myself.


we are needing a button that gets lines from a custom object to another custom objects  (1st custom object is merchandises that were delivered to us on a delivery order, the second object is the merchandise that was delivered from us to one of our departements)


we are also needing a save button for our visualforce page (renderas pdf). I have created that visualforce page, it works great but we have no way to save it in a related list.


I'm looking for someone who could do that for us, send us a quote and start right over. 


Please contact me if your interested. Jonathan Raillard on Skype.







  • January 17, 2013
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Position:           SalesForce Lead Developer - Technology and Ops

Location:          Houston, TX

Basis:                Contract-to-hire; initial contract term is 6 months

Comp:               $70-80/hour


Job Description:

A provider of commercial energy management solutions needs a SalesForce.com Lead Developer to configure and enhance its SalesForce.com instance, deploy third-party SalesForce.com applications, and implement data integrations with other systems to support the company’s customer-facing operations. 

This company is a well-funded start-up of a major energy provider based in Texas, with multiple locations. The company is building the technical foundation for its follow-on product; SalesForce.com serves as the system-of-record for the customer data used in its technical solutions. 

To support this increase in the complexity of its technical solutions, this company is adding a SalesForce.com Lead Developer to its IT staff. 

This position involves decomposing requirements into development tasks, recommending alternate approaches for effectively implementing SalesForce.com support, determining where Force.com development is preferable to

SalesForce.com configuration to address a particular requirement set, and developing and unit-testing SalesForce.com changes, enhancements, or extensions. This role also has responsibility for managing SalesForce environments, change sets, and deployments as well as administering the production SalesForce instance.


- 5-7 years experience in enterprise software development with at least 3 years focused on SalesForce 
- Knowledge of enterprise systems; CRM, SFA, and ERP 
- Possesses a good understanding of relational databases and data access tools. 
- Fundamental understanding of working with large data sets (100,000+ records) in Salesforce. 
- Strong ability to work with the salesforce.com platform and the force.com developer toolkit (i.e. Apex, Visualforce, Force.com IDE, Force.com Migration Tool, and Web Services & Metadata APIs) 
- Familiar with building custom Apex and RESTful web services in Salesforce. 
- Technical background in programming languages and web-based applications (C++, C#, Java, XML, .NET, etc.) 
- Experienced in the development and execution of test plans and unit, functional, and integration testing. 
- Proven ability to design and optimize business processes and to integrate business processes across disparate systems. 
- Working knowledge of IT processes and methodologies, project management practices, software life-cycle models, and Scrum development 
- Demonstrated ability to contribute to concurrent projects of varying scope and complexity with minimal supervision. 
- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related field. 
- Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer preferred (DEV401)
For immediate consideration send resume in word format to dpomeroy@accessstaffing.com  

Our Direct Client is seeking a
•Minimum three years of developing experience with salesforce: Apex, VisualForce.
•Highly skilled with navigating SFDC governor limits.
•Up-to-date with latest SFDC releases.
•Excellent Eclipse knowledge.
- Advanced Developer Certification Needed
Please contact Mark Harrison

Fast growing SFDC consulting based in Tokyo is looking for Apex Developers. Great salary package and fast career development opportunity.


Please reply this message if interested to hear in more details.


Thank you,



need to send data from opportunity and opportunitylineitems objects to external system using outbound messaging functionality. 


estimate is less than 20 fields. needs to be completed within 2 weeks. 


i have a schema for the xml format to follow. 


Please respond with quotes or questions.







I am looking for someone who has in depth knowledge of all things Salesforce (Sales cloud, Support cloud, Custom Cloud, Appexchange Apps) and also custom development and how it interacts with standard functionality.


Your role would be to learn all of the clients requirements for the project, when development is done you will test it against the clients needs to check for bugs & verify the work as well as admin work (reports, custom objects, fields, workflow rules, email templates, etc.).  May involve some communication with the client to fully understand the requirements, so very good english is a must.


While part time (10-20 hours/wk) to start there is potential for a full time opportunity.


Rate is $25-35/hr DOE


Please send responses, including past experiences and your availability of time.  Thank you



Hi, Is there any way to convert many leads to accounts / opportunities at once using the Excel Connector?  Is there another appexchange product that does this?