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I am planning to do a POC on using Amazon S3 as a data backup for Salesforce. We have been using Amazon App flows to backup standard and custom objects. But we would like to backup files in Salesforce into Amazon S3. Does anyone have an idea of how this can be acheived ? Thanks for your help.
Good afternoon, everyone! Hope you are safe and well. May I seek your kind advice, can I import contacts to salesforce from Google sheets? I have drop-downs and checkboxes in Sheets that don't carry through when I download as CSV and open in Excel, which I assume means it won't carry through to Salesforce when I upload my contacts? Many thanks! 
Hi All,
I have a CSV file inside SFTP, and i need to get this file and move it to Salesforce document object. This needs to be automated and run every week. I cannot go for a paid tool. can any one help me with this requirment.

Hi..by using the Restapi, got the data form the External system and deserilaized the data and stored in the string.now i have
two command buttons  Export as textfile, and Export as Csv file. 
 1)when i click on the txt button need to save as txt.file.
2)when click on the Csv button need to save as Csv.file
Any suggestions to save the data on two command buttons in salesforce..How can i procced.
Thanks in advance 
My customers want to export special data from Salesforce to local windows server daily. They are using Dataloader in the manual way to export data every day. But they want to save human resource by creating a tool which auto export data every day without any extra actions. I am doing the Dataloader Windows command line but I have some question: 
- Can I do many actions in one process-conf.xml file? The system will be extended and many data from many objects need to be backup every day.
- Is it good to run with many users and many servers?
- There is any better coding solution?
Hi Team,

I have a requirement to import data into some particular objects from CSV which are placed at particular path at particular time.

Request you to kindly help in that.

Hi All,
Please help me with integrating square online payment to salesforce. I referred square developer portal, 
if you share knowledge on this much appreciated.


I am looking to bulk delete all records that I have added to my custom object. Could someone please suggest a way that I can do this?

Thanks, Emma
Hi All,

I would like to schedule report in excel/csv format to the corresponding users.
As of now i can schedule report to the suers but they can see in the email body and the its taking toomuch time to open the data because of report data. due to the reason i am planing to send in excel or csv format.

can any one help me 



I want to read a csv file from SFTP server and using that i need to update records or mark checkbox field true in Salesforce. This needs to be scheduled to run everyday. Can you please suggest a better approach for this? Don't want to use informatica cloud/ Jitterbit Data Loader.

Few method i thinked use Command line data loader inside FTP server to push the data into salesforce how i don't know ?


We are looking at using Onedrive to store very large files/documents. Is there a way using files connect, we can upload files into Onedrive from salesforce?

I want to integration with sql server to salesforce,tell me which types of way i am integrate with salesforce to sql server.
Hello Everybody!

           I am new to integration part, Now i have an requirement  I have an Sql Server 2012 on Premise, So I would like to pull the data from sql server database to salesforce automaticlly on regular interval basis( 2 to 3 times a day)....... Is there any better approach for this 

We need to move data from sql server to salesforce........... 
     Please specify is there any open source tools or paid tools......

I would appriciate for any kind of replay

I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet that contains line item data for multiple Accounts I have created in SFDC.  Is it possibe to somehow update those Accounts automatically with the data from the Google Sheet or would I need to do it via the Dataloader manually?  Thanks,
HI All,

I have a Requirment Integration salesforce with Microsoft Azure Any Ideas appreciated.


I need to export a report as a CSV to an FTP site or email it on a daily or weekly basis.


I have a Report.  I need to get the report out of Salesforce somehow into CSV format.


Ideally, this would be scheduled.

I'm a developer so I can do developer stuff.  However, I don't know APEX and I don't know VisualForce.  I can get someone to do that stuff if we need to.


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        can any please help me how to integrate the sugar crm with salesforce and how to use.






Is there a way to schedule the export of a report to a public file on your computer?  I was given the task of creating some pretty detailed, specific reporting packages (ones that cannot be achieved by simply making a dashboard).  My thought was that if I scheduled the reports to export every so often to the same filename, I could create a word doc or excel sheet of reports based on data linked to those exported files.  Then, every time the data was exported again, the report package would reflect those changes.


Is there a way to do this?