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How much would it cost to hire a developer to create a comprehensive database in Salesforce for the tracking of prespective applicants and current/former program participants?


Another feature which would be helpful is synching Salesforce with our online application. At present, prospective applicants must access our website, fill out and print the application, hand deliver or mail the application. What we would like to do is have the application linked to Salesforce through our website. Prospective applicants can then fill out and submit online and the application automatically loads into Salesforce under the table "Perspective Applicant."


We would also like to be able to close a case once an applicant leaves, but still be able to track the applicant, under the closed case, for follow up purposes. 


We have uploaded a app from Saleforce, but it isnt exactly what we need. 

  • March 30, 2009
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We use salesforce and are pleased with it. However, we are bringing on sales people who use freecrm and I wish to build an automated system to automatically populate freecrm with the lead data we collect in salesforce so we can use both systems at the same time. We take advantage of the salesforce web to lead forms as well as google adwords integration. Please let me know your solution to this and how much you would charge.



We're a .NET - based software firm with an established content management system.  We're looking to integrate certain features of our system with the SalesForce platform in the following ways:

- synchronize lead, contact data between SF and our app
- attach to our SOAP web services from within SF to access and control aspects of our app from within the SF ui
- package and deploy the completed integration package to our existing SF clients
- ongoing maintenance, feature enhancements etc.

This could be a good long-term opportunity for an experienced and efficient SF developer to play a key role in our future SF and CRM system integration strategy.

The ideal candidate has the following characteristics:
- Located in Pacific Time Zone
- English as a primary language
- DEMONSTRABLE .NET SOAP web service development
- DEMONSTRABLE SF integration experience
- experience in sales / marketing a plus

Please reply to this post if interested with examples of your work and contact information.

Message Edited by marckula on 12-11-2008 02:03 PM
Our product line consists of 2 main product types:
Type 1:
Category + Filter
Filters are of 3 possible types:
a) multi-valued selection from a set of possible values
b) min and max numerical values
c) single-valued selection from a set of possible values
Pricing is based on several factors:
Category Price
Filter Surcharge
Quantity purchased
Type 2:
Category & State
Sold in Monthly increments although the current month can be pro-rated.
Limited availability (varies by state and website).
Can be sold several months at a time.

Phase 1:
Require the ability to construct invoices and maintain history of quotes in SalesForce.
Invoices may contain multiple Type 1 and Type 2 products.
Type 2 products cannot be invoiced (quoted) if not available.
If previously quoted (but not yet purchased) and no longer available, then need to alert sales representative that created the quote.
Both products may be discounted by manager override or by salesrep. Salesrep to have limited ability to discount.
Quotation document to be sent via echosign and contain:
Product Line Items + Parameters + Price
Client Company Name
Client Name
Client Phone Number
Client Payment Method:
If check ABA Routing # and Acct #
If credit card, Card Type, Card #, CVV, Exp date

Phase 2:
Need to process payment for invoiced product once client "electronically" signs and/or if signed via fax and after administrative review of invoice.
Once processed, product purchase information must be uploaded to oracle web database (provisioning).

Phase 3:
Allow for modification of filter criteria for Type 1 purchases (within limits).

Phase 4:
Download from Oracle web database information on number of leads received for each product purchased.
Provide effective CPI for Type 2 products to salesrep.
Alert salesrep if CPI is above/below a managerial assigned threshold.
Download quantity of feedback (by feedback type) provided by client for each product purchased from web Oracle database.
Download quantity of lead returns by return reason by product purchased (will only apply to Type 1 product).
Provide high level reporting to salesreps indicating # of leads received, CPI, # of leads with feedback, # of leads returned for each client.
Provide detailed reporting of information to marketing and management for all clients (summary and detail).
Provide ability for salesrep/management to see # of leads sold or received by system based on filters selected for last 30/60/90 days.
Provide information based on leads sold vs leads received but unsold.
All information is extractable from Oracle database.
Provide estimates based on quotes forecast probabilities of # of leads required so that marketing can ramp up/down.
I have a visual force project which will require extensive programming and SalesForce APex experience.  The project requires org chart and pie chart visuals with some simple tabular displays.   Please submit your experience and any sample visual force projects.
We are in need of a consultant who can help us build a series of reports and dashboards tracking activity with leads.  We have a particular need to be able to reconcile activity across both leads and contacts. 
This would be a relatively short-term project, i anticipate something in the realm of 2-4 weeks.  Can anyone help with such a project?  Please see my job posting at http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/sls/818088836.html
I am looking for a someone who can link my SF account with my Sage PRO ERP system.

  • August 19, 2008
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Hi, I am looking for a Senior experienced developer (based anywhere) who would be able to develop/program using my specifications done for an application.
  • July 24, 2008
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Please look at this thread.


I have briefly described the requirement here.

If you could do this in a different way please feel free to share and quote on it.

You may contact me at [rdsethi at gmail dot com]


Message Edited by nimbuscloud on 07-10-2008 06:54 PM
To whom it may concern,

We have a couple of projects that we need help with.

1) we need someone to write the apex code to help us prevent reservation booking conflicts.

2) we would like to be able to compile date ranges from our opportunities and present them on a calendar that we can use internally and ideally stitch into our websites to provide real time visuals to our customers on availability.

Who among you is up to the challenge?

Please post quotes and timeframes!
Hi. I'm looking for someone that can develop a Custom S-Control for me. The functionality that I'm looking for is as follows: I want a custom button developed, which when invoked, can update the status of a field on multiple records displayed in a List View. Basically, I'm looking for the same functionality that exists on the Case Object View, where a user can select multiple cases at the same time and then select a button to update the status of all the cases selected.
Look forward to hearing from someone.
We need to be able to create a task and also have it be recurring - as in MS Outlook.  We are looking for a developer who can give us a fixed price for creating this.