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I am trying to put in a control formula for the date field where a user can only select a date that is on the same day the user is inputing the data or a day that is earlier but the user cannot select the next day or a date that is later. Does anyone try to do this before? If so, I would appreciate some advise on how to code for the formula in the date field. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Ever since I installed Connect for Outlook 3.2, now my Outlook 2007 repeatedly asks for the user name and password for all of my e-mail accounts. I have tried everything that I can find on the subject.  Including uninstalling Connect, Creating a new mail profile.  In the last 3 days, four other consultants I now have identified the exact same problem on either their computer or a client's computer.
Is it possible Connect for Outlook has been recently updated that includes a new bug?  Has anyone run into the problem and figured out to fix it.
In looking through the field history tracking notes, this isn't something available on Opportunities, but I have 3 date fields that I need to track...and ideally prompt someone when they change those values.
Any ideas?
Can anyone explain why when you Add Email from Outlook to SF, and then you look at the Activity History in SF, you have no idea who the email came from?
SF pops open a dialog box and you have select a person so SF knows where to attached the email, but then doen't make note of that info in the activity history.  You have to keep clicking until you find out which email is from the client and which one if from yourself.
Does anyone else have this issue?  Anyone solved it? 
Customer supprt didn't help at all.
Hello guys.

I really need some help with this.

What I implemented already
I have a custom object called Candidates which contains a Contact Name. The Contact is the master object and Candidate is the detail object. So this means, when a new Candidate is created form contacts, it brings over the contact name.


My problem
 When I click "New Event" from Candidates, how can I automatically populate the "Name" field which is a standard Event field with the contact that is associated with the Candidate?  I tried doing this with a custom link as I did on top but I can not find the value and lkid for the "Name" field for events when i view page source. Any idea what I can do?   This way, the user doesn't have to search the contact name in the event. If you guys couldprovide information that would be great.



I'm a new Salesforce.com customer, although I've consulted and implemented dozens of different CRM applications over the past 15 years.  I can't believe that I can't do any kind of mass activity (other than email) with SFC but I think I may have found my answer in the discussions around the Excel connector.  How do I get the Excel connector?  Please point me in the right direction for the tool and basic user info and I will be eternally grateful!
I have multiple account records with the same account name (same company, different locations with each location being a parent account).  When I try to import these using the SF Import Wizard, it won't create a new record for each parent.  It just creates the first one, then updates that one record with each parent account entry in my CSV, so I end up with one account record with the parent account of the last entry.

If I were to use the insert function of Mr. Hess' excel connector (with "new" as the account ID) will it create all the accounts for me? Or do I have to change all of the account names so they are all unique?

Thanks, and I'll probably be employing the excel connector regardless if it solves this problem without me having to create all unique account names or not.


Jake Butler

Is there a way to specify the desired ordering of fields returned by the query? e.g. I'd like the SF-ID field in in the left-most column of the returned data, to use as a lookup field.

I cannot see a way to do this using the wizard (I guess that would require an additional wizard step) and I'm not sure where to look in the mass of VBA code.

Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  • February 25, 2008
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I'm really stumped here - I can't find the "sforce_connect.xla" file anywhere - in the blog, on the app exchange, Sourceforge, hell, I even searched on Google for it.  Nowhere to be found.

I know it's supposed to be on Sourceforge somewhere, but I don't know where.  Can someone perhaps provide a link to it?  I mean, I guess I can wait until I get back to work on Monday and get it form our network drive, but well... deadlines, ya know.  :-)  Would be handy to be able to finish up this project before the meeting on Monday morning.  ><

~ Nick
I've been searching for a while, can't get to the right answer . . . hoping someone out there has done this before.
In Tasks, when a certain status is selected from the picklist (completed), I would like to make a custom field on the page required to be nonblank.
  • January 26, 2008
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Hi all,

Firstly, im a bit of a noob with regards to apps etc...

Can I transfer existing tabs into new apps? I.e. can I transfer tab 'A' (which references items under tab 'B') into a new app and still have it access all the information and records in tab 'B'? If so, how do I do this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

It seems like it should be possible to create a Formula field in one Object that derives its value from a field in another Object...


A field called "TestFoo" in Opportunities is a formula field that takes it's value from the "FooTest" field in Accounts...

Is this possible?  - If so what is the syntax for defining the foreign object field since it does not appear in the Select Field Type dropdown in the formula Editor


In this case I have two custom objects: "Sales Order" and "Sales Order Item" 

In the formula editor my only choices are the Object that I am working in (Sales Order) and other objects like:




If this makes sense...I want to create fields in the "Sales Order Object" that derive their value from the "Sales Order Item" object.

I searched the board here and couldn't find a solution but ended up coming up with one myself.  We needed to know what our average time was (in days) to convert a lead.    Since our CreateDate for leads was a DATE field and our ConvertedDate was a DATETIME field, doing a simple  {converteddate} - {createddate} wouldn't work.
Anyway, here's the formula I used, hopefully it's useful to others...
(DATE(YEAR(ConvertedDate ),MONTH(ConvertedDate ),DAY(ConvertedDate ))) - (DATE(YEAR( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) ),MONTH(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) ),DAY(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) )))
    I have installed the new Conncet update and it installs with no issues. However, in Outlook none of the Saleforce menu buttons are available. I check under Options but nothing is there.

On my Start menu the Salesforce Intellisync item is there and functions and recognizes my outlook mail account (user/password).

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
  • December 03, 2007
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On Events, we have picklist options in the Type field that allow someone to mark the appointment as a particular type of sales call ("Sales Call: Face-to-Face" ). If they pick this particular type, we need them to fill out more information. To solve this, I'm trying to say, if the type is = "Sales Call: Face-to-Face" , then description and name fields are required.

Problem is, when I go in to create the formula, Type is not an option. I tried using "Call Type", which is not in the list, but also doesn't throw out a syntax error, the validation just doesn't work. It let's me save and does not show me the error.

AND(ISPICKVAL( CallType, "Sales Call: Face-to-Face" ),
ISNULL( Description ))

Message Edited by AudraNYC on 10-19-200706:12 PM

Message Edited by AudraNYC on 10-19-200706:12 PM

My company has a very cluttered Opportunity page.  We have one type of service that requires a bunch of additional information that is quire different from the general opportunity.  Can we set up some relationship whereby these additional fields are not shown unless the user selects thsi specific 'service' from the main opportunity type picklist?
How do I export a single contact from Salesforce to Outlook. Is there any way to quickly export a contact as a VCF.
  • September 12, 2007
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How can I massively upload activity into salesforce using excel connector? For example, my company just sent out a direct mailing to a list of 400 contacts exported from salesforce, and I want to record this activity massively rather than having to manually record the 400 mailings under each individual (under activity history), which will take hours. Is there a way to do this?