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MK Partners is currently hiring experienced Apex and VisualForce programmers!


We are a growing consulting firm that specializes in Salesforce.com and the Force.com platform.  Our clients vary from small startups to large public sector institutions.  We are the A-Team for salesforce.com consulting, when no one else thinks it can be done, we do it.  All of our projects involve unique requirements that require out-of-the box thinking.  We know salesforce.com better than anyone else, so don't apply unless you're the best at what you do too.


Our corporate culture is very unique, we value our employees above all else.  Our entire team has a say in the company and we are all involved in its daily operation.  We work hard and are well rewarded.  We offer full benefits and competitive compensation.


We are ONLY seeking individuals who can work in North Hollywood, CA.  (If you don't know where that is, don't apply).

We are ONLY seeking individuals highly experienced with Force.com. (If you're not passionate about salesforce, don't apply).

We are NOT interested in outsourcing or subcontracting our projects, one of our sales points is that we do the work in house!

Recruiters may submit candidates on our website, if they meet the above qualifications.


Do not contact by email or phone, please apply at: http://www.mkpartners.com/careers

Are you tired of working hard without getting recognition? Do you have good ideas that don’t get acknowledged? Do you want to be compensated for your accomplishments? MK Partners is the place for you! We are an established consulting firm growing to meet the needs of our clients. We foster independence and creativity and offer a workplace where everyone is valued equally. We offer a competitive compensation package with benefits.


We are currently looking for experienced consultants located in the Los Angeles area.


Apply online at:



Just installed LMA in a new org and got our first lead and this error:


Alert: Salesforce experienced the following problem creating the lead below:


Reason: Apex trigger leadEmailCheck caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: leadEmailCheck: compiling trigger body

caused by: line 4, column 24: Dependent class is invalid and needs recompilation:
duplicatelogic: line 1, column 1: unexpected token: package
   Lead Capture Page: Not available.


Anyone have any ideas?


I'm deploying some apex from a DE org to Production using Eclipse.  The Production org has Salesforce's License Manager App installed and the deployment is failing because one of the Triggers in that App "sfLma.updatePackages" does not have enough test coverage.

Since its a managed package I don't have access to the app to see the code and try to write my own test coverage.  I don't think that uninstalling the App is really an option since data would be lost.

Has anyone else seen this?  I don't think this was a problem with the older eclipse toolkit.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I'm deploying some apex from a DE org to Production using Eclipse.  The Production org has Salesforce's License Manager App installed and the deployment is failing because one of the Triggers in that App "sfLma.updatePackages" does not have enough test coverage.

Since its a managed package I don't have access to the app to see the code and try to write my own test coverage.  I don't think that uninstalling the App is really an option since data would be lost.

Has anyone else seen this?  I don't think this was a problem with the older eclipse toolkit.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

I'm using Print Anything to query a custom object that has a custom field named 'Percent' whose type is Percent (3,0).  However, when I run my printer package it displays the number with too many digits to the right of the decimal, eg 57.10000000000001.  Is there any way to format the results of this query without having to rewrite the s-control?
After editing a record, you are brought back to the view page of that record.
I have overridden the 'View' function on my custom object to run an s-control upon View.
However, when I edit a record, click save, and am brought back to the View page for that record, my s-control does not run.  I have to click on that record again to launch the s-control.
Is this expected behavior?  Is the only alternative to run the s-control in a field?
I'm trying to delete 100,000+ cases via the dataloader.  The process usually starts fine and will delete 200-1000 records successfully.  It then seems to stop and eventually timeout with the following error:
org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpRecoverableException: java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read Timed Out
I have tried the same procedure using the Excel Connector and get the same results.
I am able to query successfully, just not delete.
To make it weirder, when logged into the app, I've been getting some timeouts when trying to Mass Delete and even when trying to just delete a single case.
Things to consider:
This is a sandbox org
We have external id's for cases and contacts (though I turned them off and still get the same result)
I've been more successful at deleting cases that do not have a value in ContactId than those that do have a vlue.
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?  Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing these timeouts?
Thanks in advance

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Message Edited by MKPartners.com on 11-09-2006 10:34 AM

Has anyone created an S-Control that will take the information submitted via Web-to-Case and create a Contact and then relate the Case to that Contact?
This need must be common, so I'm hoping someone already has some code to leverage.

Thanks in advance.
A client of ours requires an integration between salesforce and hiredesk.
The integration will need to accomplish the following tasks:
Creation of hiredesk jobs in salesforce custom object
Creation of salesforce accounts/contact in hiredesk clients
We are looking to retain the services of a contractor to build and roll-out this integration.

Please reply if you are interested.

Thank you,
MK Partners is looking for Salesforce Implementation Consultants.

Location: Telecommute
Classification: Contract Position
We specialize in the rapid deployment of Salesforce to small and medium sized businesses.
Full-time dedication is required, this is not a moonlighting job.
Salesforce implementation and/or administration experience is a mandatory requirement.
To apply visit:

I'm looking for a way to create a Product Configurator which will allow users to click on a WIL on an opportunity and progress through a series of Add Product screens, each one prefiltered based on a static filter.

I've already created WIL's for the multiple Add Product pages with their appropriate filters.

However, I can't figure out how to redirect the user to the next Add Product page after selecting products from the first page.

Here's a breakdown of the process I'm trying to create:

    • User clicks on WIL

    • User is brought to Add Products page where filter = x

    • User selects appropriate products and adds to opportunity

    • User is brought to Add Products page where filter = y

    • User selects appropriate products and adds to opportunity etc.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Matt


    I wrote the following trigger.

    trigger Create_CampaignMember_For_New_Leads on Lead (after insert) {
     List <CampaignMember> cm = new list<CampaignMember>();
     for(Lead L : Trigger.new) {
      String cname = L.leadsource;
      List <Campaign> c = [select id, name from Campaign where name = :cname limit 1];
       CampaignMember cml = new CampaignMember();
       cml.campaignid = c[0].id;
       cml.leadid = l.id;
      insert cm;

    The code adds a Campaign Member record automatically if it can find a Campaign with a name matching the Lead Source name. 

    All is great when I use the application and with web-to-lead.  However, License Manager submitted a Lead/License today and I got the following email.

    Apex script unhandled trigger exception by user/organization: 0053000000125N9/00D300000007gjY
    Create_CampaignMember_For_New_Leads: compiling trigger body
    caused by: line 15, column 29: sObject type 'Campaign' is not supported.

    That user id is one of the License Manager users that gets created behind the scenes.  The end result is that the License record gets created, but the Lead does not.

    Is there anything I can do to make this get fixed?  I was thinking I could edit the API Access Restrictions on the License Manager installed package to give access to Campaigns.  Will that help?

    If that won't help, do I need to edit my Apex Code to do a user lookup to make sure it's not an LMA user?  Or can I do a describeGlobal type of query to make sure the user has access to Campaign?  If that's the route to take, I could use a little help.

    • April 20, 2008
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    I'm deploying some apex from a DE org to Production using Eclipse.  The Production org has Salesforce's License Manager App installed and the deployment is failing because one of the Triggers in that App "sfLma.updatePackages" does not have enough test coverage.

    Since its a managed package I don't have access to the app to see the code and try to write my own test coverage.  I don't think that uninstalling the App is really an option since data would be lost.

    Has anyone else seen this?  I don't think this was a problem with the older eclipse toolkit.  Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Omni Med is a non-profit organization in Waban, MA.  Omni Med has programs in Belize, Guyana, and Kenya that bring health providers with some or no prior international experience to short-term, effective teaching trips, rendering maximal impact for both volunteers and learners.  For the past ten years, we have compiled data on service opportunities with over 300 organizations for interested health providers. 

    We're looking for a developer with experience in salesforce.com, web development, and data integration to help us make this data available
    to the public.  Please contact us if you are interested.
    Hello all... while I can't particulary pay for this job...

    Looking for someone who might be able to whip up a custom S-control...

    The control would need to mimic a button and would need to be available on a case's general details view.

    When clicked, it would need to send a presribed email template to a prescribed user.

    I want this to be automated to speed the process up.

    Hi all,
    The webforms come in as cases for us, when the web contact email doesn't match with SF contact the webform contact info stays in Web fields.  I was wondering if  there is a way to auto create the web contact as SF contact as soon as Webform gets created as a case.  Can somebody share s-control?:smileyhappy:
    I appreciate your help in advance.
    We have several Workflow Rules that create Workflow Tasks x days later than the Rule trigger date.  We would like to create an Apex Trigger that will automatically calculate the day of the week the new Task is due on and if on a weekend, change the date to 2 day later.

    I know it's possible to calculate Day of Week in a formula field thanks to this blog post.

    I've already read the Apex Language Reference and created some simple Apex Triggers, but I just don't have enough experience working with Apex Triggers to know how to do this.  Any help or samples would be greatly appreciated.



    I don't know if i'm right here but i would like to collect more lead information for existing leads with a web form and i'm not sure if i'm able to do that and how.
    the idea, we have a lead XYZ, we send XYZ an email, asking him to provide more info bout himself. He'd click on a link and provides an extension on the lead info we already have. Would that be possible? How would I do that? Or could anyone direct me to the right forum if i'm wrong here?
    Thank you!
    I am looking to create a custom button in solutions which calls an S Contol that would pop up a window for emailing a solution.  Currently you have to select send an email in activity history and then select the template and the contact.

    Ideally I would like a button in a solution that would automatically select the template for you and then you manually chose the contact.

    As well maybe a button in cases that could do the same but use the contact already chosen for the case.

    How hard would this be to create?  I couldn't program to save my life.
    • August 08, 2007
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    I need help, or a syntex, i want to create a S-control that will change the status of a lead, depending
    on a task, for example if i create a log a call task then the lead status sould be changed to connected.
    • May 28, 2007
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    Hi all
    We have two SFDC organisations and I need to export data between orgs however the apex data loader looks too scary and I have visions of importing accounts with the wrong contacts and opportunities added, further making sure the contact history is transferred across.
    If you think you may be able to provide assistance on this at a reasonable cost, please can you drop me a mail.
    I need an experienced SF developer to create an S-Control for me that can be used to summarise information in child objects into fields in the parent. I believe it's possible to do this using JavaScript in an S-Control, which accesses SF via the API (I have Enterprise Edition). An example of what I mean using the standard objects is putting a Sum Total of the value of all the opportunities on an Account into a single field - i.e. a field on Account called "Opportunities Value Total". That's not a real scenario for us, but our scenarios are similar, just with custom objects.
    So the deliverable is a pair of S-Controls that can do this, written in such a way that they can be reused for summarising different information in different objects (we'll be using it in 5-10 different places). The first S-Control simply copies a value from a field in the child (selected using a filter) into a field in the parent. The second control runs a Sum operation on a specific field on the children, and puts that sum value into the parent field.
    Please reply to this post if interested or contact me direct.
    We need a timesheet app built in SF to allow us to track time spent on projects (we use the Projects and Issue Management app).  So basically it needs to be a timesheet that is associated to a project and an account with the ability to run reports against.  We are looking to get this done asap.
    We are located in downtown DC.
    thanks in advance....
    I created a custom lookup/reference field in the opportunity record called Registered_By which is a reference to a user record.  The API name for the field is 'Registered_By__c'.  In an S-control, I am trying to update this field with the Id of the user who created the lead that was converted.  The assignment for the Id field is giving me an error: "id value of incorrect type".  Here is the code:
    var op = new Sforce.Dynabean("Opportunity");
    op.set("id", opptId);
    op.set("recordtypeid", document.editPage.orecordtype.value );
    op.set("Contact_City__c", "{!Lead.City}");
    op.set("Contact_Company__c", "{!Lead.Company}");
    op.set("Contact_Country__c", "{!Lead.Country}");
    op.set("Contact_Email__c", "{!Lead.Email}");
    op.set("Contact_First_Name__c", "{!Lead.FirstName}");
    op.set("Contact_Last_Name__c", "{!Lead.LastName}");
    op.set("Contact_Phone__c", "{!Lead.Phone}");
    op.set("Contact_State__c", "{!Lead.State}");
    op.set("Contact_Zip_Postal_Code__c", "{!Lead.PostalCode}");
    op.set("Contact_Title__c", "{!Lead.Title}");
    op.set("Registered_By__c", "{!Lead.CreatedById}");  <- This line causes the error
    var sr = op.save();
    What am I doing wrong?
    • February 27, 2007
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    Is it possible to create a custom link tied to an SControl that will reassign the current case to a specified (in code) (OwnerId) user?
    I would possibly like to update the current case status as well.  Does anyone have an example of this?  I am decent with the API in .NET but trying to get this to work is proving more difficult than I would have thought.  Thanks in advance.
    I'll be doing some SFDC consulting for an old employer of mine and wondered what the going hourly rate would be for the following servies:

    - System Administration/Support
    - General OnGoing Configuration
    - Custom Object Development
    - Report Building
    - Business Process Analysis & Design
    - New SFDC Application Development

    I realize the answer to this question could vary based on a number of variables not listed here, but I'm curious to hear the thoughts of those on this job board.


    John Cannava
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm hoping someone out there can help me figure this out.  It would be awesome.  We have added Service Timecard Custom Object Records to our system to track billable hours on Jobs and for customers.  The are linked to a few different parent items (including Accounts, Cases, Projects).  When I pull up a case per say it shows me the Service Timecard section as a section below the main information, and all of the timecards associated with that case.

    Ok here is what I'm looking to do.  I would like to have a Formula field add up all of the hours worked contained within the Service Timecards associated with that Record. 

    IE if there is a case with 2 service timecards.  One for 1 hour and one for 2 hours, on the case record I could have a field show us Total Time Worked : 3 Hours.

    If anyone can show me how to do this I would owe you a huge favor.

    Thanks so much.

    Dan Levine
    Hi all,
    Would it be possible currently to do update with sforce data loader using non-salesforce ID as the key?
    • November 07, 2006
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