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So I have been tasked with building an application for my company. I like the idea of using Salesforce.com's Force.com platform as a service to develop the application. I also like the idea that Salesforce.com has decided to give me 100 free users of the "Force.com Free Edition" type, to help me get started.


I need to build custom dashboards for a subset of my users.


So the question is, does the Force.com Free Edition user license type have access to dashboards?


I have been unsuccessful at setting it up and cant seem to get an straight answer from Salesforce.com.







Have app design, partial development in ASP.net, and two prospective customers.  Looking for skilled, entrepreneurial developer.


Integration experience and reporting expertise (beyond native functionality)  is key.  Assume some web design necessary, I'm not sure of Force.com's capability in this regard.


Geography unimportant, but US-based preferred. 


Signed NDA and 1-hour design review would be immediate next steps if interested.









I am looking for a Salesforce System Administrator to be taken on a temporary basis.



Working for one of Europe's leading commercial broadcasting firms, you will be required to assist the Commercial Marketing Team with the following duties:


  • support the business with any user queries and issues;
  • must be able to create formula fields;
  • must be able to amend and create page layouts;
  • approaching problems and tasks with an analytical and problem-solving attitude;
  • being able to think out-of-the-box;
  • travelling to regional UK offices for user training (once a year possibly).



Ideally you will have the following experience with:


  • Connect for Office & Outlook;
  • Training individuals;
  • Importing and Exporting data to or from Salesforce;
  • liaising with senior directors through to sales managers and assistants;


  • Trained as to a Sys Admin level (Advanced Sys Admin a bonus, but not essential).




Please contact me if you wish to find out more about this opportunity.







  • September 29, 2009
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Non-profit in St. Paul, Minnesota is looking for an experienced Sales Force administrator or super-user to help with start-up (temporary contract work).

  • September 18, 2009
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We would like to customize a few things in SF and looking for someone to help us sort out how to do this and also to implement.

We need help with our quoting/mail merge area in SF, creating a custom database of special subscribers and possibly some help setting up forecasting reports.


We work in SF Professional Edition.  Located in Mpls (outside of this area is ok but only in the U.S.)



  • September 15, 2009
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We are a high tech firm that needs a Dallas based admin to help us in an outsourched fashion.  We would like to start with some simple changes, and then ask for more complex functions as time passes.  Consultative approach is required.


Please call me at 972-616-1180


Thank you,



I am looking for a developer with visualforce experience for work on a short term project. 



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I have some before and after insert triggers on Contact. When a Contact is imported via the Account/Contact import wizard, the triggers don't behave as expected. All my tests are passing--one-offs and bulk.


My question is, how do I troubleshoot a problem like this? I can't write a test that uses the import wizard. Import wizard DMLs don't appear to be recorded in the debug log. I'm not sure where the dupe checking of the import wizard fits in the execution stack--it's not listed in the Apex docs that talk about execution order.


Is there any way for me to see what might be happening here?






How can i create one-to-one relationship between two custom objects in salesforce.com. 


Example: I have two custom objects having following details:


1) Employee (Name, PanCardNo)

2)PanCard(PanCardNo Name_on_card)


I have gone through documents of salesforce, but i can able to find out only lookup (One-to-many raltionship) and master-detail relationship(many-to-many relationship).


Is there any way to create one-to-one relationship??



kamlesh kumar

I have a need for a few things:



  1. be on-site at my company one day a week (RussianHill in SF) to do training, review & updates.
  2. do some regularly-occurring admin tasks likelead lists checking, deduping and importing based on our criteria (or to createa better way to do it).
  3. help strategize on how to de-dupe our databasewhile retaining the intent and content of the original data
  4. help deliver some sophisticated, conditional reportingthat helps our sales team and organization make better use of SFDC.
  5. Provide on-going support probably of a part-time nature as we develop the relationship going forward.
I am looking for someone with very good communication skills, both written and verbal, someone with experience working within an organization and helping all levels of users, and someone who can creatively solve some challenging problems.







Point #1 is non-negotiable, for therecord.  I need someone to provide someface-time here.  If you can do thesethings, please provide me with applicable hourly rates.  If you cannot be on-site, please consider not replying.

Hi All,

I am using :
tabstyle="Member_Value_Plan__c" title="Member Value Plan"
sidebar="false" showHeader="false" standardStylesheets="true"
contenttype="application/msword" cache="true">

I have used the following formats:

Actually, everything is fine if the file can be opened or saved in the doc format not into the web format.

In 2003, the page contents displays as in the HTML format like everything comes into the table format.

If I open the file and try to save it this file by default saved in web format,
But if I choose ms word format (Word 97 – 2003 Document) from the Save as Type list than
the new file gets open in correct ms-word format without showing contents into the table.

Any suggestions please.

Nitin Gupta
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  • May 13, 2009
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Hi. I am a developer myself, just not a very good one. I am looking for someone who would be interested in acting as an "on-demand" instructor to help me (while teaching me at the same time) get past my hurdles during my application development. We could settle on an hourly rate and you could bill me for time spent. I would even entertain the idea of a small retainer to get you started.

Any ideas?


trigger Ph1_calculatefieldLead on Lead (after update,after insert) {

//Lead [] le=Trigger.new;

Integer TotalPassToSales=0;
String LeadsViaCamapign='0125000000010WY';
String NonCampaginLeads='0125000000010WT';

for (Lead leLoop:Trigger.new){

 Integer CountCampaignPresent=[Select Count() from CampaignMember where LeadId=:leLoop.Id];
  /* Select campaignid of linked Campaign */
  String LeadCampaignId=[Select CampaignId from CampaignMember where LeadId=:leLoop.Id].CampaignId;

  /* Select all LeadIds of Leads linked with a particular campaign */
  //CampaignMember [] LeadCampaignMember=[Select LeadId,CampaignId from CampaignMember where CampaignId=:LeadCampaignId];

  for(CampaignMember LeadCampaignMemberLoop:[Select LeadId,CampaignId from CampaignMember where CampaignId=:LeadCampaignId]){

   /* Check LeadId is not null */

    /* Select information about Lead linked with a particular Campaign*/
    Lead LeadCampaignLoop=[Select Status,lead_internal_lead_status_pck__c,RecordTypeid from Lead where id=:LeadCampaignMemberLoop.LeadId];

    /* Calculate Total Pass To Sales Leads */
    if(LeadCampaignLoop.Status=='Open - Passed to Sales' || LeadCampaignLoop.Status=='Closed - Accepted by Sales' || LeadCampaignLoop.Status=='Closed - Rejected by Sales' ){
/* Select campaign for Lead whose status is changed */
    Campaign camp=[select cam_tot_pass_to_sales_lead_num__c from campaign where id=:LeadCampaignId];

    /* Populating values into concerned fields of Campaign */

 hi all,
i tried to import 18 leads through data loader without any information about campaign.
i am getting error too many SOQL queries :21 at line ::::::Integer CountCampaignPresent=[Select Count() from CampaignMember where LeadId=:leLoop.Id] during after update . 
it is also saying 'data already exists' but no leads were present before importing.

please help me out.
  • January 02, 2008
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I am having trouble with a simple formula:
QAType__c & " - " & QARegion__c & " - " & QAPractice__c
I am just trying to consolidate 3 text strings from different custom fields.  The largest the value would be is 50 charcters.  Yet, this is saying I am excedding the 5,000 character limit??
Anyone have any ideas on this?