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some one help me!!!!

what is the difference b/n APO and Business-Org.who are given thease org's,i mean salesforce or ISV

we developed one managed package.we want to move our app into AppExchange.my app is free.

we followed ISV guide(https://na15.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_packaging_guide.pdf)

let me know it is neccessary of getting Business-Org to move our app into Appexchange.
how we get Business-Org?


I have an issue with package installation in my developer edition,

I have a created a recruiting app in sandbox and packaged it, it gave me an URL to install it.. when I install this unmanaged application from sandbox to my dev edition, its getting failed.

It going fine till the last of installation but at the end i'm getting the error.

Your requested install failed. Please try this again.

None of the data or setup information in your salesforce.com organization should have been affected by this error.

If this error persists, contact salesforce.com Support through your normal channels and reference number: 1478242372-99095 (-1550102571)
User-added image

Hi all


We have developed a  live chat app integrated with Saleforce (Comm100 Live Chat, http://www.comm100.com/livechat/salesforce-integration.aspx). We use API access. Is it a Composite Salesforce app?  How to prepare the security review? Should I request the Burp License here? Should I pay the review fee before Burp License Request here? Our app is not free. 






  • June 21, 2013
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i have some process in my managed package that deletes records and recreates it again.

Can someone confirm if below solution will work in Professional Edition?
maybe by PE token, Client ID or any other solution.


Custom button with Execute JavaScript Behavior that invokes Apex Web Service
Custom Buton Code:
var result = sforce.apex.execute("ClassName","MethodName", {methodVariable:record.Id}); 
Apex Code:
global class ClassName {
    webservice static String MethodName(String methodVariable)
Thank you

I've seen this asked and answered a few times, but I'm still confused.  


I'm trying to weigh pricing options for a couple of proposed applications.  The various programs and options are either unclear or I'm simply not looking in the right place.


We are considering two applications.


One is a comprehensive back-office solution for running a particular kind of small business.  It could use some of Salesforce CRM as a backbone, but I don't know that there is a cost benefit to doing so.  I understand that if a user is an Enterprise Salesforce subscriber (or Unlimited) then we could deploy our application as a custom app that we sell for an additional cost (on top of $125/$250).  If it didn't use Salesforce CRM, we would end up duplicating some functionality which is already available in that application.  But even so, the cost of the Enterprise edition is so steep that I don't think there's much meat left on that bone for us.


I'm looking at this:  http://www.salesforce.com/partners/isv/program-models/


It looks like if we went the route of deploying a custom app to SF customers, then each user would need to pay a minimum of $125 per month, PLUS whatever we charged for our custom app.  And, we would fit under the ISVForce partner model, and therefore would give up 15% of our net.  Not sure how net is calculated.  Gross minus what?  But, let's say we net $50 per subscriber.  That means each subscriber would need to pay $175 ($125+$50), of which we would see $42.50 (or less)?  Is this right?  (Not sure how this factors into it:  http://www.force.com/export/sites/force/assets/pdf/datasheets/DS_Forcedotcom_EdCompare.pdf)


If so, I suppose this is fair enough since Salesforce deserves most of the revenue in that particular scenario.


But, suppose we decide to go a completely custom route, and don't require our users to use Salesforce CRM at all.  This looks more like the Force.com embedded model, yes?  So, now our customers aren't paying for Salesforce CRM, but we pay 25% of our net revenue.  Still not sure how net revenue is calculated, but suppose we charge $100 for our custom application.  Is it as simple as this:  Force.com gets $25 and we get $75?  I don't think so, because if we sold that same system for $1, then Force.com would be losing money.  If it is that simple, I think the value proposition is fair.


The other application deals in much smaller revenue numbers and doesn't have anything to do with CRM.  The price point is somewhere in the $10-$15 per subscriber/month range.  If I look at this pricing http://www.force.com/export/sites/force/assets/pdf/datasheets/DS_Forcedotcom_EdCompare.pdf, then there is no way we can do this.  But, if we are just looking at giving up 25% of $10-$15, then I think we've got a winner.


So, I think the center of my confusion comes down to:

Any help is greatly appreciated.




How to enable customer portal in the trial org?

I have already passed the security review process and packaged new version of my app,but i couldn't find my new version in the appexchange publisher console .Does it take anytime to get up added in the appexchange publisher console .



My License Management Application's version is 1.14 and i want to change it to latest without lost of any licenses and data which my current apllication contain.


Any idea??




What is the limit of Reports and Dashboard for  Dev Org??


Any Idea??



we have an issue we develop our app based on standar object COntract (add custom fields,triggers,class,vf page, validation rules etc) this is for our customers that has salesforce crm.
also separate we develop the same funcionality but all the objects are customs,  our main custom object is contract_txm  and (add other trigers,class,vf page,custom fields etc)  now we want to know if is posible to create a package with both versions and when a customer is installing the package only install one versions depend if the has salesforce crm(standar object contract ) or has force.com without standar object, and the installer ignore the rest of components and only install the version with pure custom objects  and ignore customs fields etc for standar objects
but says "When you typically reference a feature or object in your package not supported by GE or PE, the installer will prevent installation of the package. This can include adding a custom field on a standard object not supported (i.e. Campaigns and/or Assets), or making an Apex reference to features like multi-currency or territory management. However, if you only use Dynamic Apex to reference these unsupported features and objects, and do not include components in the package (i.e. workflow, record types, custom fields on unsupported objects, etc.), you can install and run your managed package in GE and PE. "
we tried describe apex but this isn't our requirement because in our package we add custom components that reference to standar object so we want to know if is posible to create a package of this way?
o we need pack separate and the customers install the version  compatible with their org?

I am recieving an error when I use the ant deployUnpackaged to move new code from my local codebase into a managed-package instance.


I am adding two new fields, and only recieve the error when I include the '.object' meta for those objects.


I tried manually creating the fields in the org, and than rerunning the deploy without the .object files and with them, and in both cases, if I include the metadata, I recieve the error message:


Managed Package Patch Modification Exception: A change was made to the patch release that will change the visible behavior of the application: Component can't be created because it will be automatically included in the package

If i don't include the '.object' files in my source or 'package.xml' I don't get the message, but I'm still recieving 'no reference' found messages.


When I included one of the new objects in a managed beta (and in the package source) the reference error went away.

I have a managed package which has passed security review and has Aloha status.


However when I install it into a Professional or Group Edition of Salesforce I receive an error message telling me that the install failed - the message is included below.. the reference numbers change each time but the message is consistent.


Your requested install failed. Please try this again.

None of the data or setup information in your salesforce.com organization should have been affected by this error.

If this error persists, contact salesforce.com Support through your normal channels and reference number: 48494661-19193 (1381620309)



Installing this package into any other Edition works without fail. I have persisited with this install as well, repeatedly trying it.


Does anyone have any idea why this may be happening? I have gone through normal channels but am looking for something extra that might help me solve this situation quicker - someone must have seen something like this before.


The package is mine so I can make changes to it if needed - just need some guidence of what to change.


I know it's all a bit vague but any hints, other than give up, would be greatly appreciated :)





Does publishing free app in appexchange will cost cost security review fee ?





  • March 20, 2012
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Hello Board,

We have created a managed package application.


This application has passed security review.


Currently there is no subscriber for this app.


We have added extra functionality into this app. Created new classes, VF pages. Added new fields to etc. Subscibers are looking for this new functionality.


So my question is Do we need to create another managed package (add new functionality into this package)and get the review done for this new package. So that Subscriber get this new functionality instead of old one.


What is the way to go in this case? I think creating new class, new page, adding new fields are major changes. that could not be passed through patch update. Please correct me if i am wrong and let me know the process to do it.




Hello Board,


Has anyone experience of using Trialforce for distribution of App?

Which are the activities are need to be consider while distributing app to Trialforce?


How much work associated with Trialforce Registration page, which prospect is going to fill out.





Hello Board,


I have created one managed package application.


It is going to get installed in subscribers org. In subscriber org, we are going to change label of few fields using Translation Workbench Override Option.


My concern is, What is going to happen with those label fields when some time later subscriber opts for new version of that application.


Does label changes are going to still remain for that app or do we required to make those label changes once again?






I have been researching Force.com as a potential platform for an application I will be developing for a client ( an existing salesform.com CRM customer ). As a person who has not used any Force.com service as either an end-user or developer, I have a couple of questions.


Just as a bit of background, other platforms that I have considered are Sharepoint and standard LAMP or ASP/ADO.NET web technologies, however both of these have drawbacks:

  1. Sharepoint has been disregarded as the amount and complexity of the data the client will store is too large / complex for the Sharepoint list mechanism to handle, and connection to an external RDBMS within the client's network is not available.
  2. An external web application will have to implement all the security and access controls, and will take more work to integrate into the client's existing workflow.

The application in question will be a private application, and has the following characteristics:

  • < 100 users. These users will have salesforce.com CRM accounts
  • Multiple levels of access permision ( 5 or more )
  • Reasonably complex relational data model with 15+ custom entities. Number of attributes per entity is unknown at this point, but you can assume it will be between 20-100.
  • Between 100,000 - 200,000 records stored at any one time in the database.

So, my questions are:

  1. As the client is an existing salesforce.com CRM customer, do they have access to the force.com platform by default, or will this be an additional cost?
  2. Are there any limitations to the force.com database that would make it difficult to implement my data model?
  3. How difficult will it be to deploy an application developed on force.com to my client's salesforce.com environment?
  4. I have read the governor restrictions, though without having done any development on the platform they don't mean much to me. How likely am I to run into these restrictions given the application requirements above?

I'd appreciate any advice you could give me on this matter, as the client is eager to begin development asap.






Hi all,

I got trialforce management org from partner portal which is a Developer org.

from this i have create Trialforce master org (which is Enterprise),
when i was trying to upload my package in this org i was getting following error,


1.  Custom Tab Limit Exceeded
You've exceeded the maximum number of custom tabs allowed in your organization. (Required: 33, Available: 25) To learn about options for increasing the custom tab limit, please contact your administrator or salesforce.com.

Note -: i have installed same package into test org (Enterprise) and it installed without any error.



Amit Singh

Hello Board,


I was trying to install Custom application into Trialforce Master Org.


But i am receiving one error.


The error stated as,


1. Custom Tab Limit Exceeded
You've exceeded the maximum number of custom tabs allowed in your organization. (Required: 33, Available: 25) To learn about options for increasing the custom tab limit, please contact your administrator or salesforce.com.


I have created 33 tabs in Custom App. But i think it should no affect while installing an App for Trialforce.


Can anyone tell me what is this issue and how to resolve this?




Hello Board,


What happens to data when user upgrade his app to new version?


Is data still exist within an App or it gets completely removed after installing/upgrading to newer version?


Thanks & Regards,

I'm getting an internal server error when uploading a new version of my package.

Error ID: 934825410-7557 (-1042148752)

Is anyone else seeing this?
We are currently an ISV partner but have developed a Force.com OEM solution.  Will the current $2,700 AppExchange Security Review listing process still apply to us or is there some other OEM Security Review we can go through?  We do not intend to list on the AppExchange, because none of our customers use Salesforce, and so where will we be submitting for SR?
I wanted to upload a free app on appexchange. I initated the security review of my app and Salesforce found some issues with the App. I fixed some of the issues, however there is one issue in particular that I'm not sure that how would I fix it.. The issue is given below

"Issue – CRUD and FLS Enforcement"

In my app, I have created 3 custom objects. How do I set CRUD for these objects in my managed package? Would appeciate any help r feedback, as I want to close the review ASAP.

Thank you.

I have a doubt regarding apex develompent in a professional edition.
I know that apex isn't available with this license, however in this (http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/packagingGuide/Content/dev_packages_apex_ge_pe.htm) page is written that i can use apex for web services callouts:
Using Apex to make Web service callouts is allowed in GE/PE. For instance, if you’re planning to make a Web service callout to an external Web service, as long as the managed package is authorized, these classes will function in GE/PE.
In my project I need to retrieve data from an external web service and show them in salesforce. Is this possibile in a professional edition with apex? In particular I would like to create a custom controller, that will retrieve the data from external web service, and attach it to a visualforce page to show the data retrieved.
If I cannot use apex I'll create a simple visualforce page and then load the data from the external web service through jQuery.



Please give me a way to come out over this- 

I want to delete a tab which is now managed.

Thank You


I'm writing a managed package, and I'm using a number of fields that are controlled by the system and written to from apex.

Of course, I can restrict access to the fields via a profile, but I don't know how this works with System Administrators in the client's org.

My question is: If I mark a field in my Managed Package as readonly to a system administrator profile, and subsequently deploy that profile when installing the package in a Client's org: Will the system administrator be able to write to that field?

Additionally: Will the client org be able to write their own apex to write to that field?

How do you guys deal with this?

ps: also posted on Stackexchange: http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/33062
  • April 17, 2014
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Hi When I install my Managed Package in a new Developer Org,I am unable to get the profiles. I get all the other components but Profiles are not installed in the New Org.

I am trying to create a new salesforce package and deploy it (to create salesforce app 1).
I am using few custom Objects (which belong to salesforce app 2). We used it and tried packaging and deploying the same.
And the upload-package went fine. Now when we are trying to deploy/install it in another org it is throwing a error for dependent packages.
ERROR is -

"Package install error".
"Package 'xxxx' version 5.3 or later must be installed first"

Since I am newbie to Salesforce Coding if someone could direct me here, it would be great ?
a. Is it possible to deploy it with dependencies (but with out dependent salesforce app not installed)?
b. (If not) Is it possible that we can include few coding workarounds so that these dependencies are not detected by the salesforce installer/deployer.
c. any other options?

since we are working under time constriant issue, looking forward for some info.
Hi All,

I am unable to overcome the error 'inputText_Ignoring_FLS' for the below statement which I have used in a VF page.
<apex:inputText id="name" value="!CustomerFirstName}" styleClass="dropdown1"</apex:inputText>

I have tried the rendered attribute as given in the developerforce document (link below) and an example which I have tried.
<apex:inputText  id="name"  value="!CustomerFirstName}"  styleClass="dropdown1"
                    rendered="{!$ObjectType.Appointment__c.Fields.Customer_Name__c.createable}" >

I am using Apex property in the controller for some reason, hence inputText in the VF page.

Is there any way on how to overcome this issue using apex:inputText only(but not apex:inputField) in the page.
Any help will be highly appreciated.

Nisar Ahmed
Hii , can any body provide me information how to get the 'patch organisations' tab in package detail page  for doing patch versions for my package .
some one help me!!!!

what is the difference b/n APO and Business-Org.who are given thease org's,i mean salesforce or ISV

we developed one managed package.we want to move our app into AppExchange.my app is free.

we followed ISV guide(https://na15.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_packaging_guide.pdf)

let me know it is neccessary of getting Business-Org to move our app into Appexchange.
how we get Business-Org?

Hi Guys, i am new to salesforce.com. I have few questions, could anyone please help :-

1) if we create a db sync connector using apex and force.com platform , will it be hosted on the Salesforce?
2) if number of clients install this package and later on we do few modifications , Do all the clients have to reinstall the new package?

Thank You in Advance


I have created a manged package and is on AppExchange. Now I want to make chnages to the earlier version and also adding new features(I wanted to modify/delete custom fields,custom objects,vf pages and apex classes too) I cant figure out how to it. I have gone through ISV guide and also https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=publish_upgrades.htm&language=en_US.
It might be a stupid question but where can I modify it. I created a new dev org and installed my managed package there but I cant make any of those changes but in the document it says developer can make those chnages.

Do i need to login to the old dev org on which I made the package to modify? I am stuck, it must be a very basic thing that I am not able to understand

I am the Partner Of salesforce, Partner registration, How to become ISVForce or OEM partner?

I hate to double post but I think I've found a gap in salesforce.com functionality to build scalable URL Buttons that can be packaged across all Editions.


Here is the thread in question, http://boards.developerforce.com/t5/Visualforce-Development/Communties-Sites-make-it-URL-buttons-not-work/td-p/697949 , and any insight you may have into this would be appreciated.




  • October 30, 2013
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