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Hi, I am fresher salesforce developer,i am seeking jobs in india,
if you know required of fresher salesforce develoer.
please tell me.
I want to know about application deployment on app exchange.
how to deploy application on app exchange,i want to deploy application freely available for app developers,users,
please tell me the process of application deployment,
but i have done application in developer editions, i want to deploy application developer edition to app exchange.

I am fresher salesforce developer, I am searching jobs in india.

bur all software companies required experence  sfdc developer.then  

what is future enhancement of fresher salesforce developer?.

 I want to know sales force development companies in India, providing jobs for freshers in India.
 the future enhacement in salesforce development in india for freshars salesforce developer?.
I am searching jobs in india but  today all salesforce development companies requiredment experence salesforce developer.
 then what will  do freshars salesforce developer.
 I required immediately job for sales force developer in India.
I am a freshar salesforce developer in india.
I should  required urgent job in india. 
 I want to integrate sales force  to external data sources?
the external  data sources is sql server 2008. but salesforce are demanding endpoint url for accessing the data?.
but my data sources is offline. how to integrate external data sources with salesforce successfully?.
 can i tell me description of methods of extenal data sources integrations.  
 I want to integrate with outlook of salesforce.
 i want to know the process of outlook integration with salesforce.
 I am trying to integrate google map with account object , i have the following code but they are not working/ or not showing google map,
please tell me right code and improving code for google map.

<apex:page standardController="account">
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://maps.google.com/maps/api/js? sensor=false"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
function initialize() { var map; var mapOptions = { zoom: 13, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP, mapTypeControl: false } var mapMarker; var geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder(); var address = "{!SUBSTITUTE(JSENCODE(Account.BillingStreet),'\r\n',' ')}, " + "{!Account.BillingCity}, " + "{!Account.BillingPostalCode}, " + " {!Account.BillingCountry}"; geocoder.geocode( {address: address}, function(results, status) { if (status == google.maps.GeocoderStatus.OK && results.length) { if (status != google.maps.GeocoderStatus.ZERO_RESULTS) { map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map"), mapOptions); map.setCenter(results[0].geometry.location); mapMarker = new google.maps.Marker({ position: results[0].geometry.location, map: map, title: "{!Account.Name} " + address }); } } else document.getElementById("map").innerHTML = "Unable to find or display a map for {!Account.Name}'s billing address : " + address; }); } </script> <div id="map" style="width:100%;height:300px"></div> <script> initialize(); </script> </apex:page>
I want to become salesforce consultant.what is the workimg of salesforce consultant.
which types of services are provide salesforce consultant.
What is the difference between custom application and console application in sales force?.
 why we are use always custom application.
we are deploying application like "school management" on app exchange. how much money take sales force  to developer  for  deploying application?.      i want to deploy payable application on app exchange.
 does we are developer.how much money pay salesforce for deploment application.
what is sandbox in sales force?. how to create sandbox in developer edition.
I want to become  sales force  MVP ?.
how to become salesforce MVP?.
How many external lookup create in salesforce.
What is edition in sales force?.
 I have 5 types of editions are available in salesforce  such as  group, Proffisional enterprise ,unlimited,and developer editions.
 but developer editions is freely available then why we use another editions.some users are used enterprise editions($125/user/month)
what is the difference between developer editions and another edtions.but developer editions is fullfill all requirement and freely available,
why users used payable edtions. 
What is v-lookup function in salesforce?.
 I want to know about v-lookup function

why this function used in salesforce.and  how to use this  V-lookup function in slesforce.?.
I want to deploy application on app exchange to developer edition.
please tell me the process of application deployment on app exchange.
I want to use of migration tool in salessforce>
 I want to know use of migation tool in salesforce.
I am using force.com IDE (Ecilipse) for apex programming.
but I want to know other uses of Ecilipse and its benifits & drawbacks?.
why we are using ecilipse,and the benefites of ecilipse in salesforce,
i see some developer are used to ecilipse why?.
how to make method of save&new  button?.
please tell me.
What is the difference between custom application and console application in sales force?.
 why we are use always custom application.
How can i get the distance between two locations (Accounts)?
I would like to use the google maps integration to get the distance to get from a too b.
Basically i would like to know which knowledge languages are active and which are not, through Apex.
Can somehome help me through it.


I'm trying to create a visualforce page to be used as a component in Dashboard (A).  This page should return a specifc report or a different Dashboard (B).  I'm using the following for a simple report and it's returning the dreaded white screen.  Any ideas?  To clarify, I need the visualforce page to return the report data (or dashboard) rather than a report chart.  Any idea?  How would I do this to display another Dashboard? 

<apex:page >
<apex:iframe src="/00O40000004C7OZ"/>

What is v-lookup function in salesforce?.
 I want to know about v-lookup function

why this function used in salesforce.and  how to use this  V-lookup function in slesforce.?.
I am developing two different apps with the same ID...
and in one old app / object have added and custom link componet in left sidebar...
but it can also be seend in other apps / objects too..
how can I change this layout according to OBEJCTS/APPS...

Hello all, 

How do  I sync a custom field to a custom web-to-lead form?  

The original Web-to-Lead code was generated via Salesforce.  My web developer had apply the code, along with customizing the look of the form.  There are presently 2 custom fields included on the form, only one is working.  I have tested with both API name (Reservation_Start_Date_Time__c) and Custom Field ID name (00NE0000000cAFG), however neither seems to be syncing.  

Presently I have the following code in place; in my debug mode test it indicates that the field does show the date.  

<input type="text" id="pickup_date" name="00NE0000000cAFG" placeholder="Pick up date" class="form-control" required="" value="">

I also placed a custom widget to display a calendar for date selection.  I don't know if this is interfering with the sync.  If so, does anyone know a work around?  

            //Mobile hero CTA functionality

I want to use of migration tool in salessforce>
 I want to know use of migation tool in salesforce.
I want to change the domain name for my sites. How can I do that?
We are trying to establish Salesforce to Salesforce connection between Org A and Org B.
Org A has many record types for account. Org B does not have any account record types.
Only Account with record type XYZ from Org A should be created/updated in Org B. Similarly only account with record type XYZ should be created from Org B to Org A. New record type XYZ is created on account in Org B.

We are able to create/update account from Org A to Org B. The issue is account is not created from Org B to Org A.

Please let us know how to map record types from Org A to Org B.
Hi all,
I want to know what is web to lead? and how can i integrate this with my website.
please tell me what content should be prepair for this requirment.

Thanks in advance...
Create contact after saving contact i need to send email templet
  • May 05, 2015
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I want to create a custom home page instead of using standard one. I'm trying to create custom component by using Visualforce Area but it shows me recyclebin and chatter. Is there any workaround to hide rectclebin and chatter from home page.


I use Declarative Lookup ROllup Summary which will no longer work now that I have enabled Chatter Answers -  I get the following error message.

ChatterAnswersAuthProviderRegTest.validateCreateUpdateUser System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING, Required fields are missing: [ProfileId]: [ProfileId] Class.ChatterAnswersAuthProviderRegTest.validateCreateUpdateUser: line 31, column 1

We don't use Chatter so that people can register so I don't believe we need the actual class at all but I can't see a way to deploy deleted ape classes to production. I have tried making a few amendments based on amending the class on instructios in this link: https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p300000008XHfAAM

However when i then deploy to production i get the following error: 
System.AssertException: Assertion Failed: A new user should have been created 
Stack Trace: Class.ChatterAnswersAuthProviderRegTest.validateCreateUpdateUser: line 11, column 1

I don't really know the first thing about apex classes and i am not a developer so need as much help as possible with this. I don't have Eclipse or anything like that. APpreciate any help with this. Cheers
How to get checkbox value true or not in apex
I am trying to add a new column with a drop down menu field in a custom object.  Are there limitations on what I can change to a custom object by myself?

I am new Force.com. Today I have installed Force.com IDE. Then i try to Create a new Project in Force.com IDE as,


File>New>Force.com Project> Then new Force.com Project window opened.


In that i have entered Project Name,  User name , password (Force.com developer Edition credentials) , and select Environment as Production/Developer Edition.


Then if i click "Next"   Error displays like below,



Unable to connect to host name "www.salesforce.com"

Invalid username,password, security token or user locked out.....etc.....



Also I have tried by using my salesforce login details, that also same error occurs.....Also try to reset security token......no one working...........What is the problem here...............Plz help me...............

Hi all ,

          I want to know what is the exact difference between salesforce.com and Force.com ,

          Can any one help me to know about that?



We are seeking a Force.com Developer that will be responsible for rapid application development on the Force.com platform but he/she will also be the team’s go-to Force.com subject matter expert. This consultant must have strategic application Force.com development expertise & participate in assessments, be able to understand and forecast Force.com application development demand and audit Force.com migration work of offshore team.
Project Details:
Role: Force.com Developer
Length: 6-12 months (contract to hire)
Location: Chicago, IL
Work week: Mon-Fri
Required Skills:
  • Resource will be responsible for rapid application development on the Force.com platform. The applications themselves will be true workflow apps that include user production and decision support.
  • Looking for someone with at least 7 years' experience.
  • The internal team has zero knowledge of the functionalities of Force.com so they need someone very senior but also very personable and articulate because this will be the go-to person for all things Force.com related.
  • Must be able to understand and forecast Force.com application development demand.
  • Must be able to audit Force.com migration work of offshore team.
  • Ideally, this person will also have some working Force.com architect experience as he/she will also participate in strategic application Force.com discussions and assessments.
  • Any experience with Veeva would be nice to have but it’s not a requirement.
render - Boolean value (if it is true, it displays the block else it will be hidden)

reRender - ID. Particular block will be refreshed.

renderAs - Display the page as pdf, excel, etc...
Hi guys,

I need to connect a third party application (.net front end, SQL) to Salesforce EE.

The data needs to move in real time (or as data is changed on the third party application) from the third party application into Salesforce. The data can be mapped from field to field, and will be send to standatd Salesforce custom and standard fields (Account, Contact, Custom Objects). 

What is the best method of doing this? I'm looking into using applications like Informatica or Jitterbit, but I would prefer not to have to spend that kind of money on the licensing cost. Is there an API that can be used for this? I'd really appreciate your sugestions.


Hi All,

I want to send just one  field value to a application called 'cvent'  once this particular field gets updated in salesforce. So The Criteria is like  once i update this picklist field to a different value in salesforce it should update it in Cvent also so that both applications are in sync. Please can help me as to what is the best possible way to achieve this. I am kind of new to Integration. 

Any help highly Appreciated. Please can you help me out. Thanks!!
Good morning everyone,
I am new to SF and I'd like to know how can I delete a SF custom object programmatically?  Currently I am manually going to custom object itself and manually truncate it.
Thank you for your advise.


Can someone tell me step one in terms of researching how to go about integrating Sharepoint and Salesforce?  I've read some threads and seen some articles online but I'm not sure where to begin.


To start I just want to know how I would get SF reports and dashboards in a Sharepoint site.


Any help is really appreciated.  Thanks.