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I haven't gotten any subscription messages from the forum since Tuesday afternoon.  Is this my own problem ... or is it happening to others as well?

Thx.  Scot

  • November 17, 2005
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I'm trying to implement the sample Google Maps S-Control, and not having much luck.

I'm about ready to abandon the idea, but thought I'd check for some assistance first.

I'm referring to the sample s-Control which does not require your own server, and is described at:

I've followed the proscribed steps of:
   > Adding two custom fields to Account, Contact, and Lead
   > Building the sControl from the sample code
   > Creating a Web tab
   > Configuring the browser to allow "Access data sources across domains"

When I open the page, I get:

   > Pop-up message:
"The Google Maps API key used on this web site was registered for a different web site. You can generate a new key for this web site at http://www.google.com/apis/maps"

   > Errors displaying the page:
"Line 721, char 2, Error: 'GIcon' is undefined, Code 0
URL: https://ssl.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=01N00000000007b&enc-UTF-8
Line 736, char 1, Error: 'GMap' is undefined, Code 0
URL: https://salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=01N00000000007b&enc-UTF-8

   > The dialogs (e.g. picking criteria and searching) don'e function.

I tried the api page mentioned in the message but, if I'm reading this right, it appears that I'd need to apply for an api key for one of the salesforce.com urls?

Any thoughts gratefully accepted.


Updated the first link, and removed links which are just text.

Message Edited by Scot on 07-27-2005 05:53 PM

  • July 27, 2005
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I have an scontrol built with vbscript and the Office Toolkit. As I expected, it works fine with IE, but not with Netscape or Firefox.

I'd like to convert it to javascript to allow it to work from Netscape and Firefox.
However, I cannot find a way to make the Toolkit (since it's a DLL) work within Netscape.

Has anyone found a way to use the Toolkit with Netscape and Firefox?


  • March 21, 2005
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If anyone has any news about system availability this morning, I'd be grateful for an update.
  • January 04, 2005
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I have noted a change in the behavior of the PriceBookEntry object. Before I modify my routines that do this ... is it a bug or an undocumented feature?  and is it expected to change back?

The last time I added instances to PriceBookEntry (through the connector, and thus the Office Edition Toolkit), the behaviors matched that documented for PriceBookEntry in the API documentation.

In particular,

Unit price for this PricebookEntry object. You can specify a UnitPrice only if UseStandardPrice is set to False.

So, my code had a value for UnitPrice for the standard pricebook entries, but was empty for other pricebooks, where the UseStandardPrice was set to TRUE. I am virtually certain that I did this not because the documentation said to, but because it failed if I ignored it.

Today, when I ran the same update, the inserts failed, with a report that UnitPrice was a required field. Funny. I added UnitPrice, even for those records where it was not allowed, and everything worked.

Any idea what gives?


  • December 15, 2004
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Saved workbooks using the Excel Connector are likely to fail since the new release.


The labels for some default fields have changed with the release. The Excel connector uses these labels to identify columns in answer sets and to drive inserts, updates, and deletes.

If you are working interactively with the connector, you should see no problems, since the Describe command will automatically provide the new labels.

On the other hand, if you have saved Excel sheets, many will fail when you next attempt a "Query Object Data" to refresh them because their column headings no longer match those in salesforce.com.

How to fix them:

If your saved sheet is close to a default object query, 
      you'll probably find it quickest to build a new replacement one from scratch.

If your sheet is heavily customized,
(For example, I have many which use a subset of fields but include formulas to make calcuations)
      you'll have a more difficult job.

I have found it easiest to:
     1) Do a new describe of the object on a new Excel sheet
     2) Display both the new and old sheets
     3) Drag and drop the new headings on top of the old ones.

This approach leaves the column orders the same as before, does not disturb calculations, and changes the headings to the new ones.
The bad news is that it can take 10-20 minutes for each sheet.

Can we get some documentation?

I realize that you do not expect a tool which uses the API to use labels, and that you would prefer that the Excel connector present us with field names for column headings rather than labels.  And that, by posting that we should not use labels, you've reserved the right to change the labels at will.

Nonetheless, you also have a large number of customers using this tool, many of whom have saved sheets and will have this problem.

If we had a list of the changes, it would be possible to fix these sheets by updating only the changed headings - or even, to build a macro which would automate the changes. 



  • November 24, 2004
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Anyone know without testing ....

Do the objects returned from a retrieve come back in the same order as the keys given to it, or are they random?


  • October 07, 2004
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I've come to a number of conclusions on the use of VBScript with the COM Toolkit. I'd like to share them here in the dual hopes that:
    1) If anyone has a better answer or a contradiction, I'll find out, and
    2) If not, these may help others who follow ...

I'll post each conclusion as a child of this note.

If you have feedback on one of the conclusions, please comment on it.
If you have an additional conclusion, please feel free to add it. If you add new ones as comments to this comment, then we may get a set of useful threads eventually .


  • October 06, 2004
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Using the COM toolkit, the following statement:

    set oppresult = binding.retrieve("*","Opportunity","00600000006yrtO",False)

works fine for me when called within Excel 2003 VBA, but fails when called in vbscript with the message:

   "An error occured while building the GetUpdated or GetDeleted request, check your date parameters"

In the failing case, the code includes:

   Set binding = CreateObject("SForceOfficeToolkit.SForceSession") 
   MeSession = binding.Login(UserName2, PassWord2, False)
   If Not MeSession then return

   oppID = "00600000006yrtO"
   Dim oppResult
   oppResult = binding.Retrieve("*","Opportunity",oppid,false)

I have also tried using a list of fields in place of the asterisk; this also works in VBA, fails in vbscript.

Any hints?

  • September 20, 2004
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  The Office Edition beta was updated sometime within the last month to a version which supports the 4.0 API . 

To get the new DLL registered properly, I recommend that you uninstall the previous version of Office Edition and then install the new one from the Setup menu in salesforce.com.

The new Office Edition Excel Add-in reports itself as version
The new Toolkit DLL installs in a sub-directory of 2.0 (vs. the original 1.0).

While we may discover some glitches in the future, the sforce Excel Connector appears to function transparently with the new version.  It now provides access to new objects (such as the AccountContactRole) and it allows updates to Multi-value picklist values. 

  • September 03, 2004
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I want to build an SControl out of JavaScript, using the COM Toolkit to implement it.

I'm struggling ... probably not too surprisingly ... learning SControl's functions, expanding my novice level knowledge of JavaScript, searching for how to interface JavaScript to the Toolkit DLL, and working without documentation of the COM toolkit.

Thus ... if anyone has one or more portions of this working, I'd be forever grateful for a helping hand.

My goal, for what it is worth, seems simple: from an opportunity, run script which performs inter-field data integrity checks, informs the user of any problems, and updates a status flag in the opportunity.



  • August 16, 2004
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I'm using batch update from Excel through the beta Toolkit, though I suspect that this may be an issue for any API usage...

It appears that when I issue a batch update (20 instances) which should trigger a workflow rule for each one, only the first is triggered. I've worked around the problem by updating one record at a time.

The workflow rule was on Opportunities, and the purpose of my update was specifically to trigger the rule for an already conforming record by alterning a field to make the test false, and then altering it back again. I tried several fields in the rule; all produced the same result.

My rule was:
    Has Items = 1
    Alert on Close <> No
    Stage contains Close
    Account: Area <> North America
    Account Division = ADT,Both

The instances initially tested TRUE. I altered the "Alert on Close" to "No" for a batch, and then altered them back to "Yes". The first rule performed for the first opportunity in the batch, but not for subsequent ones.


  • July 22, 2004
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Is there any way to get the Office Toolkit to function with the 4.0 API?

I have 8,000 contacts on which I would like to use the Multi-select picklist.  Conversion of the current text field - which happens to exactly mimic the format of the multi-select display format of value; value; value - will apparently discard all current values. I can extract them, convert, and re-input them, EXCEPT ...

It appears the the toolkit cannot update multi-select picklists ... probably because it is using the 3.0 API?

Until I can get a method of updating these, it looks like I cannot use the new feature.


  • July 20, 2004
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My developer edition account has begun to sport a logo at the top stating "Subscribe Now! 23 days remaining". This is a little unnerving (I don't want the account to disappear) ... but clicking on it produces an internal server error. Any idea what this is or who I should contact about it?


  • June 18, 2004
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I am not sure whether this is a problem of the COM Toolkit, my usage, or the API in general, but I'm finding it impossible to add new PriceBookEntry instances.

I am currently working on isolating the offending code so I can give a reproducable problem here, but would like to describe the symptoms, in the hope that someone has run into a similar problem and can give me a hint towards a solution.

I am using generic Excel code which uses the CreateObject function to build an object, assigns values into the field(n).value's, and then uses DoCreate to process it. This code has worked fine, unchanged, for at least 20 other object types, but is failing for PriceBookEntry.....

The failure occurs when assigning a value to, it appears, ANY of the fields in the object. I've tested it with Product2ID, Pricebook2ID, and the currency value. The result of the assignment statement, of the form:
        .....  fldobject.value="value"

    "Runtime error '-2147467529 (8004005)'
    "The current field definition for Product2ID does not allow you to set a value"

As expected for the Product2ID,
              fldobject.createable = TRUE  and
              fldobject.updateable = FALSE

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

  • June 16, 2004
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The documentation for the 3.0 API includes the object "Role". While such an object existed in earlier versions, it does not in 3.0.  It is now named "UserRole".

Unfortunately took me an hour to discover the problem today. Sigh.

The documentation needs an update - and hopefully this comment will be found by the next person searching for an answer to the problem ...


  • June 11, 2004
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General topic:
As one of the pilot users of the VB toolkit, I have had a few questions I'd like to ask of the community of fellow pilot users.  I was leary of using this forum for such questions, but didn't have an easily accessible alternative.

One question is critical enough for me now, however, that I'll break that silence. I'm amenable to alternative forums, or to the request that we take such discussions offline.

My specific question:
Have any of you figured out a way to update a field to a null value using the toolkit?

My specific problem is updating a custom date field to the default empty - or null - value. The generic API document indicates that you set a null value by adding the field name to an array in the object called "fieldsToNull". So far, I've been unable to find a way to accomplish this through the Toolkit objects. Attempts to set the field value to a null string result in an error, and setting them to the value "empty" results in a date of January 0, 1900.

Thanks ... Scot

  • June 10, 2004
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I need to build a WIL which opens an Excel spread-sheet and passes it values from the opportunity record. The excel sheet could be on salesforce or, possibly, already on the user's PC.  At a minimum, I need to start a macro within the sheet and feed it the Opportunity ID.

I suspect that the solution will require significant expertise in both Excel and WIL's; I have a fair amount of both, but have been unable to come up with a solution yet.

Has anyone done this?  Or something analagous?

If not - can you provide any suggestions?

  • May 27, 2004
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The robust method for getting sf.com information into an Excel spread-sheet automatically will be -- when it is available -- the use of the API through the COM toolkit.  For simpler usage, however, it would be nice to automate the Office Edition report refreshes in an Excel Macro.

While not documented, it can be done ...
To do this:

a) Establish a reference to sfdc.xla in your project:
     a1. open vba
     a2. select the VBAProject for your workbook
     a3. open the menu tools/references, find and check "SFDCExcelAddin"

b) Build your macro, calling appropriate entries. An example, which refreshes all the reports in a workbook:

  Sub MyRefresh()
     If Not (SalesForceDotCom.g_LoggedOn) Then SFDCExcelAddin.CommandBarRelated.login
  End Sub

You can explore the entries using "View/Object Browser"; select "SFDCExcelAddin" from the pull-down menu at the top left; click on classes and members, and look for information at the bottom.

Updated Aug 2005: to match the newer version of Office Edition. The objects changed; the old version used references to  "SalesForceDotCom", and did not have the "CommandBarRelated" qualification.

Message Edited by Scot on 08-04-2005 09:48 AM

  • May 18, 2004
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Unless I'm missing something, I can't find contracts yet. Any word on when it is coming?


  • November 25, 2003
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I'm using Excel connector for Salesforce.
I read all the options, but I didn' find any setting to make Excel connector extracting the field labels instead of the field name in the Header of a Column.
I need to extract the Field Label because an Access pointing application reads all the label that are inside my Salesforce Customized Application.
Could someone advise?
  • August 21, 2007
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The company I am working for recently started recieving spam into salesforce from a web-to-lead form.  I am looking to implement a captch that works with traditional asp, salesforce and ringlead.  I have done a quick look on the internet for captcha providers but am having difficulty deciphering the good from the bad.  Some suggestions would be very helpful.
Does anyone know how to get usage data on how often reports are getting accessed?  For example last run dates and maybe even who last ran them?
We have built up quite a mess of reports and our biz users are taking on a clean up effort.  They have asked us in IT to help them determine which reports are being used.

I am trying to upload oppt. line items via xls connector. I have oppt. ID and product ID. when I try to insert whereby line Item ID is obatined upon insert, I get an error in the LineItemID saying that the Insert Row Failed: Product ID: id value of incorrect type: 01t30000000TfU8AAK (Note the additional three upper case letter in product ID).

Could it be because the API call is against ProductID and not Product2ID? If yes, how can I make the connection?

Udi Merhav

I created some email templates to use for case management and stored them in the "My Personal Email Templates" folder, but when I try to assign these rules by going to Cases...Support Settings...Edit and then try to assign them to the case creation or case assignment templates, they don't show up in the lookup picklist.  Only the samples templates in the "Unfiled Public Email Templates" folders show up.  Any ideas why?
I've been getting some help from one of the SFDC people (which has been great compared to previous experiences).  We're trying to archive Won opps and they gave me some java for an s-control that was designed to do the same thing for cases:
&lt;script language=&quot;JavaScript&quot;&gt;

function redirect() {

var retURL = escape(&quot;/{!Opportunity_ID}&quot;);

parent.frames.location.replace(&quot;/{!Opportunity_ID}/s?retURL=&quot;; + retURL +&quot;&amp;RecordType=012300000000AA3&quot; )



I went ahead and created a new page layout (basically making all the field read only) but, as a complete novice, I have no idea what to do next.  She recommended I come here for more help - any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  The code in RED makes no sense to me - is that being grabbed from the record when the s-control is executed?
Thank you,
I have added additional address fields in Salesforce and am using a pick list for the country name to help with data quality.  I am trying to create links to map websites using a HYPERLINK formula field.  I am including the country field in there, but the formula says that I can only include this field within the ISPICKVAL function. 

Am I really unable to use the value selected in the picklist in a formula?  Or do I have to create another formula with a CASE function that goes through every picklist value and provides a text equivalent?

If the latter, can you please add an enhancement request to be able to use the value from a picklist field as if it were text?

  • May 08, 2006
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Looking at the code for pages in Salesforce, a lot of the images have the src attribute set to /s.gif. What are they doing here? They are doing this with the icons and it is not allowing me to get the path to the image. I am wanting to create the same look and feel on my custom s-controls, but I can't get the path to the icon images because they are doing something odd in the standard pages.
Can a formula take Record Type into consideration?  (for Opportunities, for example).  It seems like a pretty basic thing, but I don't see how to do it either in the formular builder UI or in the documentation I've been able to find so far.

  • April 07, 2006
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Hi there,
we have setup a project__c (extends SObject). This object contains a couple of fields that are computed and updated by a seperate application based on the salesforce java API. The application is invoked by clicking on a weblink.
It updates the fields of the project__c object and redirects to

https://emea.salesforce.com/ID (ID = Identifier of the project__c object)

Now I don't want the updated object to be displayed in some other explorer window, neither I want it to be displayed inside a frame in the same window. I want it to come up in the same explorer window without the salesforce frame around it. This shouldn't be a problem - does salesforce provide this option?

Kind regards,

Andreas Förtsch

  • April 04, 2006
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I'm not a developer and I know I am treading in deep waters with javascript in s-controls.  I am trying to print out an order summary.  I can print out all the basic fields from the opportunity but I am trying to also list the lineitems on the opportunity on the same html page. 
I hunted for as much similar code on the app exchange and hacked this together.  If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<link href="/dCSS/Theme2/default/common.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" >
<script src="http://www.salesforce.com/services/lib/ajax/beta1/sforceclient.js"

<script language="javascript">

function initPage() {

sforceClient.init("{!API_Session_ID}", "{!API_Partner_Server_URL_60}");
window.setTimeout(";", 1000);

This is a function to retrieve the line items from the opportunity record. */
function getLineItems() {
//Querying salesforce for the Line Items associated to the given opportunity.
qr = sforceClient.Query("Select Id, Quantity, SalePrice, PricebookEntryId From OpportunityLineItem Where OpportunityId='{!Opportunity_ID}'");


//Get the data records from the QueryResult.
oliArray = qr.records;

function drawtable(){
<tr> <td> Select ID </td>
<td> Quantity </td>
<td> Sale Price </td>
<td> PricebookEntryID </td>
for (i=0;i<oliarray.length;i++){
for (j=0;j<oliarray[i].length;j++){



<body onload="PageInit();">
Anybody using excel connector for opportunity uploads?
  • March 14, 2006
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Trying something that sounds simple but has been a headache so far... be gentle, I'm new at this.
All we want is a small form that sends info as a lead to salesforce - this form has a hidden Campaign_ID field.
First of all, when you generate the web-to-lead code it gives you the Campaign_ID and not the Campaign field as the one you should be sending to salesforce. We found out from salesforce that you actually have to use the "name" and not the "ID".
Everything works fine except for the auto-response rule that looks for the Campaign field to then send out an email with an attachment. We've tried "Campaign_ID", "Campaign" (name), with parenthesis, without parenthesis, and many other options - it just doesn't want to work.
Any suggestions? Anybody out there been able to do this? We've called salesforce and they've "escalated" the issue... just trying to get a faster answer to this...
Any help would be appreciated.
  • March 08, 2006
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I'm trying to POST to WebToLead service through the servlet http://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.WebToLead however I do not seem to beable to get the thing to work. The HTML generated from salesforce.com works fine, then I would presume posting the same information as in the form to http://www.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.WebToLead would also work but no leads are generated in salesforce.com.

Has anyone got this to work from PHP? Has anyone got some working example code?

p.s. I do not want to use the API.

Thanks for your time
On lead conversion : I want to map lead custom field to the custom field on Account, as well to the custom field on opprtunity. As of now I can map to only one custom field(either account or oppty). Is there a way to map to two objects/ fields?????????
I appreciate your help.
  • February 13, 2006
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I want to create a new case thru the sforce Api and I need to know how to insert multiple values on picklist field.


Somebody could help me.